Cover Story: Use of High-Tech on Events

Miona Milic
Miona Milic

You must have wondered at some point: How in the world did we ever manage to meet with people back when we didn’t have cell phones yet? It can’t be that we just used to turn up precisely at the agreed time at the agreed place?! Without the ability to relay our current coordinates and reasons (real or madeup) for being late or finally ask where to come, while checking online reviews of bars and deciding on one on the go?

Perhaps we’re longing for the “long-lost” times when we were kids running around with a ball, spending entire days outside, and playing with improvised toys, or perhaps
for the time before the emergence of social media, when the only option of meeting with friends and family was face to face if we wanted to talk with them and hear what’s new.

Perhaps. But one thing is certain – modern technology is here to stay and occupy even more of our lives. We, as well as the way we live, will never be the same as “before.” Nor it should be. Development is always followed by changes, which most people are afraid of, but only leaders anticipate them and winners are the first to apply them.

The same goes for events. Do we consider events that don’t involve a single detail that uses modern technology dated or not cool enough? The range of options for branding, design, registering, engaging participants, delivering content and knowledge, achieving the wow effect, promotion, and anything else that comes to mind when planning an event is colossal. Technology has multiplied these possibilities.

I see all these technological possibilities as a huddle of event accessories. And just like when you actually enter such an establishment, you’re excited about everything that’s on offer, you like a lot of things, prices and models are different, but if you make the right choice, you’ll get a killer combination that would look so dull without these accessories. Like an ordinary old gown. Like an ordinary old event.

In this issue of SEEbtm, first of all, you will read some amazing examples of using technology in events and surely wish to experience or use some of them at your own event as soon as possible. Not to worry, for this purpose we prepared some tips, as well as a look at both the advantages and disadvantages. Read how Japan places knowledge first for achieving success, including their success as a MICE destination, all the ways you can use robots and holograms at events, the differences between virtual and augmented reality, and much, much more on this inspiring topic.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams

Miona Milic,


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