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Spark of Change 2021 − International Virtual Conference for Event Professionals

It is on 27 January 2021 when the international online conference Spark of Change will be held. It is dedicated to event producers as well as to those who plan to organize a virtual event in the short run.
Spark of change 2020

Would You Stay at These Hotels?

Tourists are increasingly going for hotels and accommodation options as a point of experience and the reason to visit a particular destination. This means they don’t choose the destination first and only then the accommodation as a result, but the other way around.

Why Are Cruisers White Colored?

You must have noticed that cruisers are always white, and have you wondered why this is so? recommends

Vip Casa Club, Zlatibor, Serbia

Vip Casa Club is a unique complex of apartments that offers its guests luxury and modernly equipped apartments with a wide range of accompanying activities.