Spark of Change 2021 − International Virtual Conference for Event Professionals


It is on 27 January 2021 when the international online conference Spark of Change will be held. It is dedicated to event producers as well as to those who plan to organize a virtual event in the short run.

The conference mission and aim is to develop standards of online events realization and make event professionals from all over the world ready for the new challenges that show up in the upcoming year. The event put special emphasis on education of clients who are faced with company events organization in the new, barely employed before online format.

Online event industry experiences explosive growth. It is always the case that when a given sector flourishes, new standards are set and these standards guide the industry in subsequent years. We feel really responsible to ensure that this quality is as high as possible, and to set the bar high for ourselves and develop such practices that we will be proud of in the near future – says Michał Michałowski, the conference organizer and CEO of Online Event Support.

Spark of Change 2021 is an online event that will unit world experts specializing in event organization, cutting-edge technology and promotion, who last year extensively explored the reality of new-format, virtual events.

Over 24 speakers will participate in the event among others:

  • Pedro Goes – CEO and Founder at InEvent;
  • Eugene Gnatenko – Founder and CEO at;
  • Stephanie Angeli Alburo – HR Delivery Manager at IBM Business Services;
  • Pavvi Singh – Account Executive at Swapcard;
  • Annette Naif – CEO & Creative Director at Naif Productions;
  • Jonny Ross – Founder and Digital Marketing Specialist at Fleek Marketing;
  • Aleksandra Pietrak – Director, Project & Event Manager at KDK Events;
  • Anna Butrym – Presenter, Moderator and Business Coach.

The Spark of Change 2021 conference will encompass three parallel stages dealing with: TECHNOLOGY, ENGAGEMENT, MANAGEMENT. Stage one will operate under the banner of If content is King, technology is Queen. Here attendees will have an opportunity to dive into the world of virtual platforms, state-of-the-art technologies, as well as event production and direction. On stage two experts will profoundly explain how to build engagement among online event attendees and touch upon such issues as matchmaking, networking, gamification and animations. Eventually, stage three will be devoted to online event organization and management. A virtual showroom with event attractions will open at Spark of Change. Attendees will be able to experience proven entertainment elements, workshops – recognised by clients and online event audience.

Registration for the Spark of Change conference is absolutely free
and the registration form is available on:


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