November 2018 was dominated by the SEEbtm Party, when, for the seventh time, representatives of hotels, hotel chains, event venues, convention centers, agencies, and event planning companies were gathered along with other industry stakeholders and influencers.

Organized by Portal Kongresniturizam and SEEbtm magazine, the region’s meetings industry get-together took place on November 15th, 2018 at the now traditional venue – restaurant Kalemegdanska terasa in Belgrade. The event was attended by around 250 people.

The photo wall was again made of wood pallets covered in original decorations – the recognizable Kongresniturizam and SEEbtm logo in 3D – announcing another SEEbtm Awards
ceremony. The lamps and hand-made paper flowers in various sizes, some of which had 15 inches in diameter, featuring corporate colors – gold, navy, white, and black – perfectly complemented the wood backdrop and further accentuated what was supposed to draw attention. This was the spot where all the guests wanted to take pictures. In harmony with the flowers’ colors, in blue and gold, during the evening the guests were served branded
fortune cookies with motivational messages. Among the messages were also some funny ones, which made the guests smile.

Since the guests at the last SEEbtm Party loved taking photos with the Polaroid, us being in the digital age and rarely having a physical photograph as a keepsake, once again the hostesses took photos and placed hashtag stickers on the instant snapshots – #SEEbtmParty, #Kongresniturizam, and #SEEbtmAwards. The mood was excellent thanks to the host, as well as the Balkan Express band, and the party kept going until late in the evening.

Be what you want to see in others

CSR was again an inevitable part of the SEEbtm Party this year – in the form of a fundraiser. The entire amount of 190,000.00 RSD, collected through symbolic event tickets priced at 999.00 RSD, was donated this year to the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which focuses on educating children between three and a half and five and a half years of age who are unable to attend pre-school. They, as well as SEEbtm Party organizers, believe that every child can become a champion if given sufficient attention, support, and love.

The attitude towards the child during this period can play a key role in realizing his or her potential. At the event, the Novak Djokovic Foundation was represented by their Project Manager Marko Kovacevic, who made a speech and thanked everyone who helped the Foundation’s efforts by “buying” the ticket.

Every guest received a gift bag containing the last issue of SEEbtm, a badge with the universal message on the importance of donating, and a bookmarker with the same motif.
And since that SEEbtm issue centered on socially responsible activities, the organizers had special pens made for the guests depicting how small steps lead to big things, and how the seeds of attention, love, and kindness that we show others pay off in many ways. The special pens contain a lavender seed. When the pen is used up, it can be placed in a pot
of soil and after a week’s watering the seed grows.

Read on to find out what the guests had to say about the SEEbtm Party, how it went, and what was the vibe like…

Pavlica Papovic, MPC Holding

It was my first time to join the SEEbtm Party. I wasn’t surprised at all by the excellent organization of the event since I have learnt by now that excellent organization is no surprise
when it comes to Kongresniturizam. The venue itself, food, wine, and music were absolutely exquisite. Being a jury member this year, the final list of awards particularly made me happy realizing there were many voters who shared my opinion. Congratulations on your excellency and keep it that way in the future!

Ivana Zivkov, Galileo Adriatic

I take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful SEEbtm Party. I’d like to congratulate the team of portal Kongresniturizam and SEEbtm magazine for great organized party, I really enjoyed all presentations, as well as food and music. Many thanks for the wonderful photos and for all of the work you did to host us.

Dijana Pateros, ProCredit Bank

An important highlight to the end of my year will also be the fantastic party organised by the team of SEEbtm magazine and portal Kongresniturizam. Conceptually planned to the very last detail, an extremely pleasant atmosphere – all the elements of a successful party were there. As someone who is in charge of organising corporate events and team building, I know very well how difficult it is to keep everything under control, be innovative, creative, to offer new experiences, and most importantly – to inspire teams to greatness in their future endeavours. On that November evening, this team did exactly that, at the Kalemegdanska Terasa. Congratulations on this! I would like also to emphasise the philanthropic aspect of the event and the donations made by the guests to help the work done by the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Raising awareness and social responsibility should become the norm at these kinds of events – only by working together can we accomplish great things!

Sanja Poposka, Exor Eti d.o.o.

Regarding the SEEbtm Party, we just have the words of praise. The hosts welcomed us warmly, the hostesses were especially kind, the organization was excellent. We enjoyed great music and a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the new contacts we have met, we met old acquaintances. And we were especially pleased to meet all of you, with whom we just had the opportunity to communicate electronically.

Neferteta Krstic, SEVOI Group

It was a great honor and a pleasure for the first time to be a member of the expert jury for SEEbtm Awards. A fantastic celebration in a traditionally good place that we always like to respond to. We are looking forward seeing you again! Thanks once more for the shown trust.


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