According to the survey, event planners take experience design into account in event planning, while 66.7% of them think creating experiences has become a MUST (Chart 1).

They achieve this objective by using interesting, unusual concepts (55.6%), as well as choosing unusual venues for their events (22.2%). Event planners say that they tackle experience design also with the help of advanced technologies and social media, as well as by incorporating the element of surprise, planning beyond the agenda, and the like (Chart 2).

Event planners try to create experiences at their events in different ways. These are mostly events that feature intimate setting, they are of en highly produced and include learning about the city culture and land marks, planning events beyond the agenda, receptions and dinner in interesting places or unusual spaces, concerts, art performances, and dance and air show performances. Special platforms are used for group activities of all participants, which also requires placing print and media materials and the like. Some of the planners who took part in the survey organized and designed kinetic interactive games, while others – like M2Communications, creative, experience design & event production agency – even organized an Expedition to Mars 🙂

Expedition to Mars

Expedition to Mars is a conceptual project developed for Delta Motors to launch the new BMW X3. The expedition brought together more than 600 members to explore the Red Planet and introduce the new BMW model.

The expedition crew had the opportunity to experience a cosmic journey from Earth to the southern hemisphere of the Red Planet. They were welcomed by space stewardesses who took them on a shuttle trip, passing through a tunnel whose design was inspired by spacecraft interior. The experience of cosmic travel was further boosted using animated videos on LED screens and sound and special effects.

The backdrop was made up of a slew of sci-fi themes and an 8K panoramic view of Mars, projected on the biggest canvas ever used at an event in Serbia (37m x 5m). The main part of the event kicked off with a video message from the BMW research center on Earth, announcing the arrival of the Explorer One shuttle with the first models of the new BMW X3. The animated video of the shuttle descending on the BMW space station on Mars was accompanied by special effects and communication between the mission control and the commander, followed by the shuttle door opening for a spectacular reveal of the cars on the stage.

The evening continued with the first interplanetary party featuring DJ Miss Millie and Girls, Boys and Toys. Three futuristic domes were set up to represent the research stations, which were the event activations: Test Drive Station (VR activation X3 Exploring Mars), Memories from Mars (chroma-key photos from Mars), and Microgravity Bar.

In 55.6% of cases, event planners get feedback from participants about their needs, impressions, and experiences from events by talking to them. Online questionnaires are used by 33.3%, and just over 10% have participants send their opinion on their own (Chart 3).

Slightly more than half of the survey respondents have made a mobile app for some of their events (Chart 4), and just over a third of them have attended or organized an event based on XD (Chart 5).

Direct communication and personal contact with clients and participants remain the most important measure of the success of the event, mobile applications are developed for individual events in order to increase interaction and the whole experience, and events based on the XD in the region of SE Europe will be very popular in the near future.


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