Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade preserves the history of an old Belgrade


Old Mill is located in the urban part of Belgrade, near the banks of the river Sava and the new picturesque Belgrade Waterfront (modern living space with restaurants, bars, shopping center, parks and hiking trails).
The hotel is an architectural, sophisticated building with a rich history. Represents one of the main symbols of Belgrade, it is a combination of heritage of the first steam mill from the 19th century and a specific modern design.

120 years ago, the machines of the first steam mill in Serbia started humming. The old mill, as most Belgraders know it today, is one of the oldest mills in Europe.

“The first Stockholders Association for food processing in the Kingdom of Serbia” was founded in 1901, and the mill was built in Topčiderska Street (now Bulevar Vojvode Mišića
15) in the heart of the industrial zone. The first stockholders association steam mill was equipped with the most modern devices and a marvel of technology, especially from the moment of electrification. It reached its peak between the two world wars.

The old steam mill, a building that keeps the memory of old Belgrade for more than a century, has been declared a cultural monument and it is under state protection. The prestigious Studio Graft from Berlin is meritorious for the
reconstruction, which in combination with the modern architecture of the new hotel and its towers, makes unique entirety composed of historical and contemporary design. The ambitious interior concept encompasses and
enhances existing historic buildings with new materials, colors and shapes, activating the original qualities of cultural monuments and creating a unique visual experience.

In the square there is a modern sculpture representing a Rolls Royce and a “Stojadin” in a collision. Two incomparable dimensions, “time and matter”, have been successfully combined in the story of the old mill, where timelessness prevails over the present moment, and the modern and the old clash against each other.

The location of the hotel is on the former “border” of two Belgrade worlds from 1901: glamour and the working class, which Rolls and “Stojadin” also represent.

Today, the guest comes to the new square where there are old granite stones and wrought iron pillars saved from the old mill. Recycled materials, such as bricks from a historic building, have been cleaned, repaired and reintegrated.

Although transferred to modern architectural language, natural materials, such as oak and copper, relate to the history of the site.
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade offers 236 contemporary and modern rooms, including 14 impressive suites, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Belgrade.

The rooms are characterized by earth tones, natural material. They are equipped with unique furniture and artistic details such as painted walls, which
are the work of Strauss & Hillegaart studios. Its industrial-chic aesthetics – is a modern interpretation of the commercial past of real estate. Guests can relax and enjoy free high-speed internet, a minibar and amenities such as espresso coffee and tea, while Executive Collection, Junior Suite and Suite guests enjoy special access to the Executive Lounge.

OMB Larder and Lounge Restaurant and Bar are conceptually oriented towards Serbian traditional cuisine, using modern cooking techniques with local ingredients.
The OMB Larder restaurant offers a seasonal menu that changes according to available fresh local products.
OMB Lounge bar is the perfect place to enjoy our cocktails and elegant atmosphere.
The attention of the Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade is aimed at creating a new and unique experience for guests, with all the benefits of participating in the Radisson Rewards loyalty program.

The hotel offers an authentic experience of Belgrade inside and outside its walls.

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