SEEbtm Awards are recognitions powered by SEEbtm magazine, to the best and most prominent hotels and venues in the meetings industry for the current year, based on the votes of the readers, event organizers and the jury of the SEEbtm magazine.

Awards will be given in 17 categories, voted by people from meetings industry from the region as well as by clients of nominated candidates.

SEEbtm magazine is a magazine specialized in business travel and events industry in the South East Europe region, supported by the leading regional portal, which this year celebrates 12 years of operation.

SEEbtm Awards will be given at the traditional gathering of meetings industry SEEbtm party, on 15th November in Belgrade.


Sponsorship at SEEbtm Awards ceremony and SEEbtm party provides a unique opportunity for all organizations and companies in business tourism and event industry, to highlight themselves among professionals and decision makers in the event industry in the region of South East Europe. It is also a great chance for superior networking and entertainment of your clients.

For more information contact:
Ivan Milic,
or call +381 11 3960 388


SEEbtm party is an exclusive event, organized by the portal Kongresniturizam ( and SEEbtm magazine, which brings together meetings industry of South East Europe region.

This year, it will gather for the seventh time in Belgrade, the most significant representatives in the field of business tourism and meeting industry (hotels, event venues and conference centers, agencies and companies who are the organizers of the events), as well as other stakeholders and influential people from the industry.


On the evening of SEEbtm Awards ceremony and SEEbtm party, funds will be collected in the form of tickets for the event, in the amount of 999.00 RSD per person. The entire amount from tickets raised during the evening, will be given to charity to Novak Djokovic Foundation.


Premium and Premium plus members of the portal are automatically nominated as candidates in certain categories.

Nomination of additional candidate, up to three categories, is 199.00 EUR by 22nd October. After that, price is 249 EUR.

Nomination of candidates is also possible after 22nd October 2018.

Additional information is available at mail


  1. Only fair voting is allowed.
  2. Candidates can’t vote for themselves.
  3. One candidate can be found max in four categories.
  4. Anyone who vote must fill in all fields for the registration, so the vote will be registered. Each voter can only vote for one of his favorites in a certain category.

Voting for SEEbtm Awards will be opened on 22nd October 2018.

Voting will be closed on 7th November 2018.


  • The nominated candidates may seek from their partners, associates and clients to vote for them, by placing pre-prepared banner that will be provided by the SEEbtm Awards Committee, as well as sending and sharing links where can be voted.

SEEbtm party