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Ice cream
Ice cream

Who is “guilty” for existents of ice cream?

Various sweets similar to ice cream have existed since antiquity. The first story about the origin of ice cream is linked to the Persian Empire, where grape juice was consumed mixed with snow specially transported and preserved from colder regions. Later, ice was mixed with crocus and fruit, while Arabs are believed to have been the first people to make ice cream from milk.

In the 10th century this cold treat was already widely known in Syria, Iraq, and Egypt and was made with sweetened milk, cream or yogurt, with the addition of candied fruit and various nuts. Ice cream is believed to have been brought to Europe by Arabs working in Sicily, who brought their masterful skills to the locals.

Another version of the origin of ice cream is associated with China and goes back to 3000 B.C., when the Chinese already had a recipe for a treat similar to today’s ice cream and made in the form of a cold drink consisting of fruit juice and snow, to which milk was added in a later period. Then, ice cream from the palace of Kublai Khan arrived in Europe thanks to Marco Polo. This Venetian explorer brought his experiences of the Far East and ice cream was made according to his instructions. Soon the new treat became a symbol of wealth and power and was a delicacy available only to a privileged ones.

Ice cream
Ice cream

Ice cream was also made at the palace of Catherine de Medici and it was one of the things she brought with her when she married the future king of France, Henry II in 1533. She revealed the secret of ice cream making to her husband and he passed this knowledge to his chefs.

There is a legend according to which the English king, Charles, jealously guarded a recipe for ice cream, wishing to keep this fine dessert for himself. After his dethronement in 1649 ice cream began to be served at other royal palaces.

When the British settled in America in the 18th century, they brought with them a carefully guarded ice cream recipe. At the time, ice cream was served at balls and other formal events slowly making its way into the market. Certainly the two most significant years in the history of ice cream were 1851, when Jacob Fussell opened the first large-scale commercial ice cream plant and 1926, when the first refrigerator was invented.

In 1846 Nancy Johnson patented the first hand cranked ice cream maker.

Ancient Romans also enjoyed the sweet taste of ice cream. Emperor Nero mixed snow and ice brought from the mountains with fruit juice and chopped fruit to get a watery mixture similar to today’s ice cream.

Cornet, stick or something else?

At the start of the 20th century, various shapes of ice cream emerged. The first to appear was ice cream in a cornet, later followed by ice cream on a stick, both of which remain the most popular forms among ice cream lovers.

The creator of the cornet was Italo Marcioni who made this edible ice cream “bowl” in 1924, while ice cream on a stick was the invention of the American, Chris Nelson, who got the idea while watching a boy who couldn’t make up his mind whether to buy a chocolate bar or an ice cream.

Ice cream
Ice cream

Besides the familiar stick and cornet shapes, there is also:

  • French ice cream made with egg yolk
  • Tortoni, a rich ice cream sprinkled with ground almonds or almond cookies
  • Spumone, a mousse-like ice cream made with fruit and nuts

What does ice cream flavor says about you?

There is a wide range of ice cream flavors today, and the flavor you prefer says something about you, or rather, about your character. According to research, chocolate flavor indicates a vivacious personality, the life of every party but one also slightly prone to drama; strawberry flavor is a favorite with demanding, somewhat shy and reserved people, who are nevertheless surrounded by many true friends relying on them whenever a problem needs solving; while vanilla is popular with outgoing, impulsive, fun-loving individuals.

Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor, while the most sought-after topping is chocolate.

Besides the familiar ice cream flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut there are also more unusual flavors such as garlic, pumpkin, mustard, and beans. Definitely one of the oddest ice creams in the world is Bahasi, a Japanese delicacy made with bits of raw horse meat.

Also, scientists have found that if you eat ice cream you will definitely feel happy because a spoonful of ice cream boosts the part of the brain that creates the same feeling of satisfaction that you experience while listening to your favorite music.

From its origin to the present, ice cream has experienced a complete evolution. It has gone from luxury treat to habit, from simple shapes to complex creative expressions, from modest ingredients to incredible components but the fact remains that what has remained unaltered is the fact that ice cream is still one of the tastiest and most popular treats in the world.

Former American president, Ronald Reagan, declared the month of July to be ice cream month.


In the United Arab Emirates exotic new flavors of ice creams have been announced that will be made with camel milk such as dates, crocus, chocolate, caramel.


There is an Ice Cream University in Italy, where a week’s course of studies costs € 800.


The most expensive ice cream in the world costs $ 1000. It’s made with shavings of 23-karat gold, caviar, and other costly ingredients.


The third most popular ice cream flavor in Japan is green tea.



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