Storytelling in Business – Introduction in 29th Issue of SEEbtm Magazine


Solving many personal and business needs used to be a challenge. Today, the challenge is coming up with an idea, product, or service that does not already exist.

We are overwhelmed by products and services in all areas. We remember and use mostly those that have a story behind them. A story about being different from others, a story about starting the business, growing it, and overcoming obstacles, a story about the design or brand, a story about the employees, a story about success or even failure.

Miona Milic
Miona Milic

The human brain is more likely to detect – and then remember – a good story over a bunch of statistical reports and numbers that describe the business or product information. This should be kept in mind when marketing and selling. What’s behind a successful gaming company? World-class graphics, animation, and much more, but above all – a good story. What’s behind a successful beauty company? Top-notch ingredients, formulas, and packaging, but above all the feeling it sparks in the consumer. And this feeling depends on the story that goes with the product.

The same goes for literally everything – the clothes we wear, the food we buy, the hotel we stay at, the places we choose to travel, which movie to watch, and so on. Story captures attention, and attention awakens emotions. We can’t sell products or services if we don’t inspire “something” in the consumer. Preferably a desire to be part of our story.

Miona Milic,



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