Cover Story: Play and Learn

Are people who spent more time in their childhood playing or who still play in their adulthood more creative, adaptable, or sociable? I am convinced that the answer is affirmative, and there are also many studies that support this thesis. Not only that, but the decision-making ability, quick thinking, memory, competitive spirit, and motivation to be even better are
developed from an early age, through play.

Miona Milic
Miona Milic

These qualities and many others – I’m sure you’ll agree – are very important in business, as well as in everyday life. Do we get angry when we lose? Do we have issues with accepting responsibility for our actions? Are we able to logically dissect a major problem into several smaller components so that we can be more efficient at getting to its solution? Are we able to anticipate our competition’s or opponents’ next move? Are we able to abstain from immediate satisfaction in order to get to a bigger reward in the end? Are we able to use what we have – something seemingly useless – and make something new and original? And last, but not least: Are we able to have fun?

We learn all this from the earliest age through different games that most likely came to your mind while reading these questions. Playing is a crucial tool for developing intellectual and psychosocial qualities in any child and later, of course, adult person. Here – above all – I’m thinking board games, those that are played in person, through interaction with other people. They teach us communication, as well as all types of intelligence (logical, social, self- awareness, visual and spatial, linguistic, musical, physical, and ecological).

Team building games are one example of using playing to develop and strengthen team spirit. But games can be used for all of the above, too, and in practice at work also for improving focus, productivity, relaxedness, and a generally positive attitude towards life and work. This SEEbtm issue centers on awakening that something child like inside us.

So, invite your friends and coworkers and start playing!

And another tip: Do not let your kids win every time when you play with them. Think and you’ll understand what that teaches them. The main task of any parent should be equipping the child for independent and real life and developing the ability to invest effort, make progress, and fight for himself/herself and his/her success.

“Take time to play,
it is the secret of staying young”

Miona Milic,


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