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The portal ( was launched 12 years ago, as the first portal that unites the congress offer of the Southeast Europe region.

Through the site, all event organizers can search for premises and locations that meets their needs. The web page has over 230 quality and proven suppliers. On the other hand, if necessary, the expert team of the portal, which consists of event managers with many years of experience, assists the organizers to come to the right choice of locaon and service, and provides support for planning and realization of the entire event.

The portal helps you find the best hotels, venues and all other services needed in planning and organizing the events. It is intended for companies and organizations, specifically for event managers and others involved in this business, and in need of a reliable
partner – assistance, advice, negotiation with suppliers, quick and repetitive realization. Considering that the regional portal for event organizing has existed for so long, the previous decade, by adjusng to technological changes, was marked with three versions of the web page, and with two complete redesigns, each version having been characterisc and advanced for the period in which it was ongoing.

The latest version was made during the current year, 2018, including the complete redesign of the portal according to the latest standards, but above all, after listening and analyzing the needs of users. Currently, the web page is, of course, mobile responsive – it adapts to all sizes of the screen, whether it is used on a desktop computer, a laptop or a mobile phone (which did not even exist as a technology for commercial usage 3-4 years ago), pictures and the fonts are significantly bigger, while the hotel and venues offer is in the foreground. This was also the result of listening to market needs and changes, so that without a lot of searches and filters, you get as wide a range of hotels and venues as possible, and in the next step, if necessary, narrow down the choice.

What                     has been the leading regional portal for organizing all kinds of events for more than 12 years, with a base of over 230 selected hotels, congress centers, event venues and service providers in the territory of Southeast Europe.

How does the search work?

By a simple search (just one click on the home page) you will get a lists of hotels, venues or agencies, the presentation of which can be narrowed by using smart filters, according to the required capacity, halls se ngs, preferred categorization, as well as to the desired destination(s) and other criteria important for event planners.

When your search gets you to a hotel, event location, or agency that potentially corresponds
to the needs of the event, each of those can be placed into the Favorites (heart icon), in order to be saved for later – to be considered later or to be sent a request collectively to all of those (possibility for registered users) that will reach each of them separately on the e-mail addresses. In order for the user to use this advanced function, which greatly facilitates the task and shortens the time required to send the request, it is only prior necessary to register in a very simple, free of charge and quick way – just via yours e-mail address. Each of the hotels, event venues or congress centers in its presentaon also has a REQUEST buon that serves to send the request separately. Portal users can send a request to the portal using the MAKE REQUEST button on the right side of the web page header (or by the CONTACT page), if they want event managers with years of experience and knowledge of the market, help with the choice of suppliers and/or submitting bids.

Note: The specified service is free of charge for portal users.                                    Considering the changes and demands of clients and markets, which occurred in the previous 3-4 years, the portal, which was intially focused on internet marketing in the region’s congress tourism, turn into a regional event management company that follows trends in both internet marketing, web site design, content optimization, and event organization and personalized access to a client.

In the field of event management, the portal has recorded the highest
growth in the past 2 years, as much as

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