13. Konferencija Evropskog udruženja za klinička istraživanja o sidi


13. Konferencija Evropskog udruženja za klinička istraživanja o sidi

Datum odrzavanja: 12-15.10.2011.

Mesto odrzavanja: Sava Centar, Beograd

It is our great pleasure to invite you to Belgrade to attend the 13th European AIDS Conference which is being organised under the auspices of the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS). We will strive for the conference to offer an exciting scientific programme, composed of a well-balanced mix of plenary lectures as well as abstract-driven sessions presenting latest original research in the field of HIV medicine.

The conference also provides the opportunity to highlight any issues particularly relevant to the HIV epidemic in Serbia and the larger South-Eastern European region.

One of the important goals of the EACS in organising this biannual European Conference is to promote an interest in HIV clinical research amongst young researchers/clinicians from across Europe at an early stage in their career. Therefore, we would particularly like to encourage junior researchers to submit results from their scientific work to the conference and also use it as a venue for networking with colleagues in the field.

Web: www.eacs-conference2011.com


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