Would you dare to stay at a hotel on a clif?

Hotel na litici
Hotel na litici

The Skylodge Adventure Suites hotel is located in the Holy Valley not far from Machu Picchu, Peru, and it’s made up of three separate luxury glass capsules.

The hotel opened in June 2013, and it is the first suspended hotel in the world. The capsules, where the guests stay are made of aluminium and polycarbonate, and each of them has four beds, a dining room, and a bathroom.

Food and drinks are served in the rooms, and an overnight stay at this hotel is priced at USD 300 per person. The price includes dinner, wine, and breakfast – served in the room – as well as using the cable car, which is the only way to get to the hotel.
The view over Peru from these rooms truly is magnificent, so maybe you just might turn a blind eye to the fact that the bathroom has no shower.


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