Seminar “Sales Skills in B2B Sales”, Belgrade, Serbia

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Date: 6th September 2014

Venue: Hotel Zlatnik, Belgrade, Serbia



Brief description:

Seminar “Sales skills in B2B sales” will be held on 06th September 2014 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Sales conversation is comparable with the game of ping-pong. Successfully lead a sales conversation means to achieve a greater impact and progress in sales with more efficient investment of own talent, time and resources. On this topic, the seminar will be led by Danijel Bićanić from Croatia, and seminar will enable participants to become more convincing, more efficient and faster to achieve key sales targets that are set for the next sales conversation.

The seminar is designed for professionals in the field of sales, employees in B2B sales, field sales in B2B sales, sales managers at B2B segment.


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