Romania – a country where foreigners live at low-cost


The most recent study conducted by the InterNations, the largest network of  people who live and work abroad, presented a list of top 13 countries in which one can live at very low-cost as a foreigner.

One of the sub-categories of this study was the “cost of living”, where the data were collected solely on the basis of the answers of total cost of living in 67 countries on a scale from 1 to 7. The minimum sample by a country included 50 respondents, while more than 45 countries had them more than 100.

The results show that Romania was in the 13th position.

The government of this state stimulates activities in the country by consumption growth and tax exemptions, which increases the employment opportunities for both local people and foreigners as well. On the other hand, the costs of living are low.


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