Meeting industry continues as normal in Japan


Tadatoshi Mamiya, President of Japan National Tourism OrganizationA few months have now passed since the earthquake and tsunami hit the coast of the Tohoku region in Japan. We are very grateful for the generous contributions and support that we have received from all over the world. The support has been very important to us, and the Japanese people are determined to put all of their efforts into recovery actions, in response to the outpouring of encouragement and solidarity that we have received from the global community.

The Japan National Tourism Organization will support the rebuilding efforts by going forward with our mission to positively promote Japan as a vibrant, beautiful destination, with unique cultural attractions, exciting cities, and friendly people.

We will continue to distribute the latest detailed and accurate information Fuji mountainwith respect to holding MICE events in Japan, as well as to actively develop our promotional activities, in order to encourage many people to visit Japan. To this end, your support and cooperation are indispensable.

Most of Japan’s regions were unaffected by the earthquake and nuclear plant repercussions in Fukushima, and we invite you to see the present condition of Japan for yourselves. We are especially happy to report that Sendai, one of the major cities in the Tohoku region, has safely recovered from the tragic tsunami.  Sendai has begun to revive its energy resources, and is now ready to accommodate and host meetings again. We are also pleased to announce that many international meetings, Maikoincluding The 24th World Congress of Architecture (UIA 2011 Tokyo), and The 23rd Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis 57th Annual SSC meeting (ISTH 2011), have confirmed that their conferences will be held in Japan as scheduled in 2011. We hope the world’s media and MICE professionals will visit Japan, and observe first-hand how Japan is still a unique and attractive MICE destination.

Japan is now entering a beautiful season of new spring flowers and scenery. We continue to welcome visitors from all over the world with an unchanging spirit of hospitality, as we have always done. We will encourage even more visitors to Japan, and when they do, the people of Japan will thank them for their messages of encouragement, prayers, and support that are helping the nation to recover from this disaster.

Voice from meeting participants

Tadatoshi Mamiya, President

Japan National Tourism Organization


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