Kolosej Entertainment Center – Where Business Meets Entertainment and Glamour


With development of meeting industry, the key point in organization of business meetings becomes selection of special venues which give much more benefits than expected working atmosphere. Kolosej entertainment center obtaines business atmosphere, entertainment and glamour on 7,000 m2 – Multiplex cinema with 11 modern cinema halls, Bowling Center and Rio Gambling Palace. Total capacity of cinema halls with cutting edge audio-visual technology is 2,338 seats. Comfort of cinema halls and quality level with XpanD 3D and 6D technologies brings to the efficiancy for the presented material and cinema screen on 120 m2 gives special experience to the business presentation. The entertainment part of Kolosej gives unreal, unique experience and chance to enjoy and relax after working day! Increasing number of satisfied clients (from modern information technology, revision and consulting to the banking sector and telecommunication) are the proof of long-term cooperation with the proactive Kolosej Event team, which is recognised as one of the best partners in organization of business meetings in Serbia.


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