GuestJoy enters Serbia


GuestJoy, the leading revenue and review solution provider for the hotel industry is pleased to announce that, as part of its ongoing market expansion program, it is planning to enter the Serbia properly during 2019.  

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, GuestJoy provides a sophisticated hotel revenue and review online tool that is already being used in more than 200 hotels in 17 different countries around the world.

GuestJoy provides an innovative and relatively low-cost solution for hotels to keep in touch with its customers, both pre and post stay, with a view to enhancing the overall guest experience right from the moment they book their stay.   In particular, it enables guests to quickly and easily post a review of their stay on Trip Advisor, (GuestJoy’s official partner) which, on today’s market, is key for all hotels to keep their competitive edge.

Talking about the company’s expansion, Annika Ylem, Co-founder of GuestJoy, said:

“With 82.1% of total arrivals coming from foreign countries in 2018, Belgrade is mainly an international destination. International airport arrivals show a very positive trend due in part to the efforts made by the airport to establish itself as a hub for the region. The airport improvements that were recently announced are expected to have a positive effect on international demand and increase the importance of Belgrade airport as a hub for the area. The hotel market shows good performance metrics, considering its size, but is expected to show fluctuations in the near future as new properties enter the market and the laws of supply and demand come in play.”


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