Free Book Giveaway: Organizing Events on a Zero Budget

Weemss Book Giveaway
Weemss Book Giveaway

This month Weemss event registration software marks a one year anniversary since official launch.

With users from 80 countries and over 1,200 events organized, the company continues to make big waves in the events industry.

To celebrate their first birthday Weemss are publishing a 60 page book entitled “Organizing Events on a Zero Budget”. The book contains 80 tried and tested tips for aspiring event organizers and a new point of view for longtime professionals from the industry.

“With the “Organizing Events on a Zero Budget” book I want pass on my inspiration and event management experience to people everywhere interested in organizing events. The book will show aspiring event organizers how to get started in the field and at the same time show professional event organizers a new way of thinking.” says Ovanes Ovanessian Co-founder of Weemss.

You can download the “Organizing Events on a Zero Budget” book from the Weemss website.

About Weemss

Weemss software-as-a-service changes the way event organizers handle event registrations and ticketing through market localization and complete user independence.

With the software event organizers are able to accept payments  in 200+ countries, with 160+ currencies and 40+ languages. Event organizers receive payments instantly, communicate directly with their customers and retain 100% of their data.


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