[quote_box_center]Netlight is a genuine consulting firm which has decided to reward their employees with a three –day “secret destination” trip to Croatia and Montenegro. The trip was held from 8th to 10th May 2015, and for the organization of this incentive programe they have choose Talas-M DMC from Budva.[/quote_box_center]

Their employees gathered from various European countries including Sweden, Germany, and Finland, all of which house Netlight offices in their beautiful cities.

Talas-M DMC and Occasion were selected to execute a spectacular travel incentive program that would evoke a high-end experience to Montenegro and Croatia.

Talas-M DMC and Occasion found a new way to combine two countries, only three days and five venues for a total of 500 participants. This event included over 200 staff members who successfully accomplished their goal.

The group arrived at the Dubrovnik airport from various cities such as Helsinki, Stockholm and Munich. The program began at the Port of Dubrovnik and continued on to the Ferry boat “Sveti Stefan” on their way to the second secret destination, Montenegro.

2 countries

3 days

5 venues

500 participants

The Netlight visitors were greeted by a Gipsy band that sang traditional Balkan songs and danced to welcome their guests. This warm greeting was followed by a welcome dinner in the wonderful boat restaurant. During the night the participants had the opportunity to utilize five stages with different kinds of music, as they were cruising from Croatia to Montenegro and overlooking the sea on the panoramic terrace.

The second day started with a conference on the Summer Stage in Cetinje, upon arrival the consultants tasted local donuts with honey, domestic coffee and tea. When they finished with the conference at the Amphitheater they went to the National Park Lovcen. Apart from its unusual and extraordinary beauty, historical and cultural reasons prevailed for it to become a National Park.

Thriatlon in the National Park Lovcen
Triathlon in the National Park Lovcen

At the National Park Lovcen the participants  were organized into teams that participated in numerous activities ranging from a triathlon, to paint balling, not to mention zip lining, high rope course, archery, sling shooting, tennis, handball, as well as basketball. However for the individuals who don’t necessarily enjoy outdoors activities as much, Talas-M DMC went ahead and catered to their needs as well by organizing a cultural tour to Mausoleum.  After such energy consuming activities participants enjoyed an open air rustic buffet lunch with local products to restore their energy.

In the meantime various buses gathering waiting as the participants embarked on their departure from the National Park to Tivat via the serpentine panoramic road. The group took 15 boats shuttles, from Tivat to Fort Mamula.

The evening began with an unusual dinner on the Fortress Mamula and awards were being given out to the best employees. Following the dinner, participants enjoyed a spectacular acrobatic show, a famous Gipsy band “Dejan Petrovic” as well as a DJs. The ever so festive day was ended on the beautiful Fortress Mamula as the participants had the unusually striking experience of sleeping in the prison cells.

The next morning, after being work up by the sound of various seagulls, the participants enjoyed a nice breakfast right before leaving the Fort Mamula by boat.

Game with the Montenegro National Water-polo tema
Game with the Montenegro National Water-polo tema

During their journey to Herceg Novi they had the pleasure of seeing the Boka Bay which is protected by UNESCO. Their next activity included a pool party. As referenced before, the triathlon winners from a day earlier would be compensated very heavily. Along with the music, the food, the pool, awaited Montenegro National Water-polo team otherwise known as Montenegro Shark’s. The triathlon winners were more than happy to partake in such a unique experience. After some hardcore completion, needless to say, the winners were gifted medals.

This event is an excellent example how agency, with experience and dedication such as Talas-M DMC is capable of organizing huge events, unique ideas at unusual locations in the country of Montenegro.

[quote_box_center]Netlight is a genuine consulting firm based on a culture of social professionalism. Genuine consulting is about the combination of COMPETENCE, CREATIVITY and BUSINESS SENSE, to provide independent solutions and tangible results of significant value to their clients. Netlight builds upon these three values from every person, every engagement and the entire firm.[/quote_box_center]



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