Exhibition “Reason & Feelings”


Exhibition “Reason & Feelings” will be held on 07th June 2012, when will be the opening ceremony, in the evening on the first day of the International Design Conference at Belgrade Design Week 2012.

This is the most important design event in the region that will be visited by all important foreign media for the design and architecture and renowned professionals from the international design, architecture and advertising circles.

Belgrade Design Week is also the co-producer of the exhibition. This is followed by Croatian premiere in the Forum Gallery in Zagreb (27. 6. – 6. 7. 2012). While, from 17th of July to 15th of August, Croatian design will be offered for the first time to the tourists in gallery Loggia in Hvar, one of the main renaissance buildings in Dalmatia.

The project / exhibition, among others, was supported by the Sunčani Hvar’s internet magazine DesignAgenda, that designed the exhibition Sense & Feelings, and which illustrates a turning point in the history of Croatian contemporary product design, placing it in a much more mature and serious social and commercial context – design brands with new generation of Croatian products.

The exhibition will feature around 40 selected products from 14 brands of domestic design (and those who will become). This is an export project represents the Croatian knowledge, develop of culture of production, sales and exports. And on this basis, for the first time in modern Croatia, it is based on design culture.

The town of Hvar is one of the key tourist destinations in Croatia for tourists from northwestern Europe. According to Lonely Planet it has rank among the top five global destinations for 2012. From the presentation in Belgrade, foreign markets will communicate Zagreb and Hvar as a tourist destination.

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Culture of republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb, City of Hvar, Sunčani Hvar and Croatia Airlines.


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