How it all began?

In the 19th century, together with their development, universities had an increasing need to share information in academic circles, which led to an increasing number of gatherings and also created the need for larger public spaces for this purpose.

At the same time, together with the development of the railway, hotels were opened at large railway stations. Many of these hotels had rooms for rent for special purposes like those were.

At the beginning of the 20th century there was increased need for better education for people engaged in organisations, especially in sales.
So, educational events for development of business skills started.

As towns became more and more aware of the value the organization of meetings had for them, a group of businessmen decided to employ a salesman to invite meetings to be held in their town.

This happened in 1896 in Detroit, Michigan, and in this way, the first convention bureau was established and this was the year when the meetings industry officially came into being.

How things are doing now?

Throughout the decades, event organization has its own phases and the ways the businesses have being done.

In the meantime, knowledge and experience of every participant in this process has grown. So, naturally, there is demand for greater gaining of knowledge and experience on the events then before. One more significant fact is that employees, top management and clients are more geographical dislocated.

Technology plays an important role in how things are doing now and creates path of how things will do in the future. Significant changes can be noticed in some of the key areas in event organization – registration, promotion, format of the event, engaging attendees, design and branding of the event, food decoration.

First convention bureau was established in 1896 in Detroit, Michigan.

We could say that events in the past were more general and less sophisticated. Today we have more specialized events, together with a development and the specialization of the industries, as the key buyers in the events industry.

In medicine, there are many new fields of researches, specialties and subspecialties; new branches of medicine, than couple of decades ago.

Event organization
Event organization

There are many Associations of specific branches with various goals and ways of education. Regarding this, education with live streaming of heart surgery wasn’t imaginable in the past.

Automotive industry, throughout the years, beside technological and design improvements of the vehicles, has developed new ways of sales, distribution and promotion.

Fleet and leasing management have its own divisions, project managers and needed education. These are rough examples of changes and developments and can be made for each industry. This is important because each of these industries is buyer in meetings industry, or key event organizer.

So, those changes have direct influence on trends and how things need to be done in event management.

That’s why there are more concrete, specialized events for all those sectors within industry, technologically demanding events for dislocated people, able to support new ways of learning, engaging, branding and promotion, new special venues and services in a role to thrill attendees.

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