Edible coffee cups!

Edible coffee cups
Edible coffee cups

The trend of edible coffee cups was first started by Lavazza from Italy several years ago, but other companies have also started jumping on the bandwagon.

Edible coffee cups are made of dough, and their insides are lined with sugar glazing that prevents the cups from melting or coffee from leaking out.

The sugar glazing gives coffee minimum sweetness, so there is no need for adding sugar. Lavazza offers these cups in several sizes, and the choice depends on the coffee you’re drinking.

Sardi, the company that designed the Cookie Cups, took great care in observing Italian tradition, by which most Italians drink coffee and eat croissants for breakfast.

You can match your choice of the cup with your preferred flavours. Lavazza is the first – but not the only – company that started offering its guests with edible cups.

In the UK, KFC also did just that, and their cups are offered to customers under the name of Scoffee Cup.


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