2nd RENEXPO® Western Balkans soon opens its doors


RENEXPO® Western Balkans is not only the largest and most important event in Serbia on the topic of renewable energy sources but also the largest energy platform for the entire region of the Western Balkans.

Although the focus of the upcoming event is on biomass, biogas and energy efficiency, Investors Business Lounge innovation will present available projects from all renewable energy (biogas, biomass, wind energy, hydropower, PV, geothermal energy, etc.).

Premiere presented on the RENEXPO fair in Sarajevo, Investors Business Lounge is becoming integrated in all RENEXPO fairs that company REECO SRB Ltd. will organize.
This part of the fair has been conceived with the aim to connect investors with the holders of projects throughout the region and thus help their faster implementation.

Organizers expect about 80 exhibitors and over 3,000 visitors coming from variety of local and international associations, chambers of commerce, engineering offices, and make specific segment of the target group.


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