10 Years of Value Creation Through Innovation


The Innovation Institute, non-profit organization that integrates academia and business practice in developing individuals and companies’ innovation potentials, has celebrated 10 years since its foundation in 2008.

Over 150 key people from leading regional companies and partners of Innovation Institute gathered together to celebrate this anniversary at the Westin Hotel.

The Innovation Institute’s focus is on structuring value-creation strategies, rather than redistributing existing ones, in order to successfully develop ambidextrous innovation systems. In this way, the company simultaneously balances efficiency of exploiting the existing business and maximizing it`s value (exploitation), and innovation where it explores and develops new strategic opportunities to create value in a new business endeavor (exploration).

During the celebration, President of the Academic Council and founder of the Innovation Institute, Professor Goran Vlasic, and Professor John Deighton from Harvard Business School, addressed to the participants with past and future plans of the Institute as well as existing and new challenges that emerge for all organizations. Vlasic thanked all partners for long-term co-operations, but stressed the importance of their depth and scope which grow year after year and are intensified through the development of value creation strategies through innovations at all organizational levels. Prof. Deighton from Harvard pointed out the importance of the Institute’s work for the academic and business community worldwide and a remarkable contribution the Innovation Institute had on understanding creativity and innovation at the individual and company level.


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