Times Square to Become a Forest?


If the Pop-Up Forest project, started by NYC Wildflower Week, receives sufficient support, the famous Times Square could be turned into a forest.

This project was first presented on Kickstarter, where it reached its target amount of 25,000 dollars. According to the project, the plan is for the forest to appear “overnight” in June 2016, and it’s supposed to last around three weeks.

This means that Times Square could – at least for a little while – host meadows, thick tree crowns, and shrubs that will “make visitors feel like they’re on another planet”. In order for this project to be realised, first the organisation needs to get the green light from the city administration, and the chosen testing grounds is Brooklyn.

After the project is realised in Brooklyn, the organisation will start raising funds in the amount of around USD 40,000 for the forest in Times Square.


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