Sustainable Tourism 2016, the seventh international conference on sustainable tourism, is to be held from May 18th to 20th in Valencia. The conference is organized by renowned British Wessex Institute of Technology.

So far, the conference was held in Segovia (2004), Bologna (2006), Malta (2008), New Forest (2010), La Coruna (2012) and Opatija (2014).

Tourism ceased to be the privilege of a few long time ago, and it took a very important place in the development of economy, knowledge, education and human welfare and lifestyle. Nowadays tourism significantly contributes to the new forms of economic development. Our knowledge of the world now includes a strong component due to tourism, since it introduces different cultures, customs and impressions we take from a journey.

Nevertheless, it led to certain problems regarding ecological changes and social costs. Many destinations oriented their entire economies towards tourism, so they could increase their incomes. That resulted with negative impact on the destination, its culture and identity.

sustainable tourism

Natural ecosystems became true rarity. Scientists more and more talk about “social ecosystems”, and that is rather challenging for tourism and ecology. Ecology is deeply influenced by technology and development of society. Cities are rapidly changing which leads to the industry development. Opposite to that, rural environments are being abandoned.

Tourism has great impact on these problems and has to be able to meet the challenges of the “new age”.

Goal of the conference on sustainable tourism is to find ways to protect natural and cultural landmarks. Also, great deal of attention is paid to the development of new solutions and capabilities to reduce the negative effects of tourism. For strategies and goals to become sustainable, entire society has to become more involved in these projects.

Some of the main topics covered are: ecological problems, climate changes, ecotourism, destination management, eTourism. Also, topics included and sport tourism, tourism and technology, medical tourism, city tourism, rural tourism, industrial tourism, heritage tourism, tourism development impact, marine tourism, etc.


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