“Silent Parties” Increasingly Popular in the World


“Silent Parties” are ever growing trend among the big and loud party goers. To organize a party, especially in buildings, has always been tricky and it is forbidden after 10 p.m. in most cities around the world. Because of these o problems it was necessary to find a solution. So, the capital of France started to turn into the Silent Party Center! All guests have earphones making the noise totally acceptable. According to the Parisians, these parties are great, the feel is different and such party can be organized anywhere – at a river bank, square, or even at home.

Silent Events Co. claim to organize private parties every weekend. If anyone wished to arrange a birthday party, they come and provide all earphones required. The price for this pleasure of loud music which does not disturb anyone is 5 euro per earphones. It is also possible to hire a DJ.

The Parisians did not take long to creatively apply this novelty. For instance, at the centre of the boulevard running through the Parisian Red Light District Pigalle, an earphoned group of people followed the performance of a singer, at the second floor. Actually, according to her, the performance was held in the Lady’s Room. A TV was set on the stage, and she was filmed that it all seemed as live broadcast.

This is just a way for the people, living in a world growingly intolerant of noise, to fight for their right to party.


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