Ship Titanic Will Have Its Museum in China

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This theme park will also have a museum and a simulator where the visitors will have the opportunity to experience the sinking of the ship which happened in 1912. The copy of the “Titanic” will be 165 million dollar worth, and it will be opened in 2016, according to the plans.

The investor of this program is company “Seven Star Energy”, whose executive director said that Asia needs its own “Titanic” museum. The aim of the project is to make it more than just a ship-museum and the film produced in 1997, and a simulator will provide the interested visitors with the “experience” of sinking. When the ship hits the iceberg, it will be followed by trembling and shaking. We will enable people to feel the water penetrating the ship by means of audio and light effects. They will think “I’ll drown, I need to escape”, explained the executive director of this company.

The construction of the copy of the “Titanic” should start this year, and the park will also have a beach, a 6D cinema and the copy of the Venetian church and the European castles.


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