Regional Medical and Pharmaceutical Associations


* Continuing Medical Education (CME) is continuing professional advancement of healthcare professionals and represents the fundamental principle for achieving the daily performance quality and obtaining and renewing the medical work licences.


1)      Serbian Medical Chamber

2)      Serbian Medical Society

3)      Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia
4) Pharmaceutical Society of Serbia (FDS)
5) Pharmaceutical Association of Vojvodina
6)      Serbian Private Pharmacist Association
7)      Serbian Federation of Health Professionals Associations
8)     Military Medical Academy (VMA)

9) Serbian Paediatric Association

10)  Serbian Private Medical Association

11)  Association of Serbian Pharmaceutical Technicians-St. Sava

12) Cardiology Society of Serbia

13)  Serbian Association of Nurses – Technicians in Intensive Care, Anaesthesiology and Reanimation (UINARS)

14)  Serbian Diabetes Federation
15)  Serbian Genetic Society
16)  Physician Society of Vojvodina

17)  Society of Medical Biochemists of Serbia (DMBS)

18)  Serbian Association of Nurses, Technicians and Midwives

19)  Serbian Association of Dermatovenerologists

20)  Serbian Society of Medical Oncology (UMOS)

21) Serbian Public Health Association

22)  Association of Psychologists of Serbia

23)  Serbian Association of Internal Medicine

24)  Serbian Association of Physiatrists

25)  Serbian Dental Society


1)      Federal Health Ministry
2)      Pharmaceutical Society of Republic of Srpska
3)      Pharmaceutical Chamber of Republic of Srpska

4)      Medical Chamber of Republic of Srpska

5)      Society of Nephrology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

6)      Paediatric Society in BiH
7)      Association of Medical Radiological Engineers
8)      Association of Physiatrists of BIH Federation

9)      Rheumatology Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina

10)  Family Medicine Association FbiH



1) Croatian Medical Association

2)      Croatian Pharmaceutical Society
3)      Croatian Pharmacology Society
4)      Croatian Nurse Association
5)      Croatian Classic Homeopathy Association
6)      Croatian Federation for Natural, Energy and Spiritual Medicine
7)      Croatian Laboratory Medicine Association
8)      Croatian Sanitary Association
9)      Croatian Society of Aesthetic Medicine

10)  Croatian Family Medicine Association (HUOM)

11)  Croatian Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologists (HUTNM)

12)  Croatian Dental Chamber

13)  Croatian Society for Rheumatology (HRD)

14)  Croatian Cerebral Palsy Society

15)  Croatian Society of Radiology
16) Croatian Reanimatology Society
17)  Croatian Society of Gastroenterology (HGD)

18)  Croatian Society for Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation

19)  Croatian Ophthalmology Society

20)  Croatian Psychiatric Association

21) Croatian Association of Medical Radiological Engineers
22)  Croatian Society of Pain Clinicians
23) Croatian Society of Medical Biochemists
24) Croatian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (HDBMB)


1)      Medical Chamber of Montenegro

2)      Physiatrists Association of Montenegro

3)      Surgeon Association of Montenegro



1)      Medical Chamber of Slovenia

2)      Slovene family medicine society

3)      Slovenian society for Emergency Medicine
4)      Bioenergist Association of Slovenia
5)      Slovenian society of cardiology
6)      Psychotherapist Association of Slovenia
7)      Cancer Patients’ Association of Slovenia
8)      Slovenian pharmaceutical society

9)      Slovenian Association for Clinical Chemistry

10)  Slovenian Respiratory Society

11)  Internal Medicine Association of Slovenia

12)  Multiple Sclerosis Association of Slovenia

13)  Slovenian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

14)  Slovenian Haematological Society


1)      Macedonian Medical Society

2)      Macedonian Pharmaceutical Chamber
3)      Association of Nurses, Technicians and Midwives
4)      Macedonian Physiatrist Association

5)      Udrženje medicinske fizike i biomedicinski – Association for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

6)      Macedonian Medical Chamber

7)      Macedonian Gynaecological and Obstetrics Association

8)      Macedonian Association of Radiologists

9)      Macedonian  Association of Cardiologists

10)   Macedonian Association of Microbiologists

11)  Macedonian Association of Psychiatrists

12)  Macedonian Association of Ophthalmologists

13)  Macedonian Association of Neuropsychiatrists

14)  Macedonian Association of Paediatricians

15)  Macedonian Association of Pharmacologists

16)  Macedonian Association of Urologists

17)  Macedonian Association of Surgeons

18)  Macedonian Association of Cosmetic Surgeons

19)  Macedonian Dental Society

20)  Association of General Practitioners



1)      Bulgarian Psychiatric Association (BPA)

2)      Bulgarian Medical Chamber

3)      Bulgarian Dental Association

4)      Bulgarian Health Professionals’ Association

5)      The Bulgarian Dental Technician Union

6)      Bulgarian National Association of General Practice

7)      Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology

8)      Bulgarian Surgical Society

9)      Bulgarian Society of Neurosurgery

10)  Bulgarian Society of Ophthalmology

11)  Bulgarian Paediatric Association

12)  Bulgarian Psychiatric Association

13)  Bulgarian Radiology Associationбар

14)  Bulgarian Society for Forensic Medicine and Deontology

15)  Bulgarian Urology Association

16)  Bulgarian Association of Pharmacists

17)  Bulgarian Dermatological Society

18)  Association for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Bulgaria



1)      Romanian Society of Cardiology

2)      Association of Physicians of Romania

3)      The Romanian Association of Sexual Medicine –

4)      Association for Emergency and Disaster Medicine

1)      Romanian Anaesthesiology Association
2)      Association of Nephrology and vascular access in Romania
3)      National Association for Children and Adults with Autism in Romania

4)      Association for Prevention of Osteoporosis in Romania

5)      Romanian Association of Hemophilia

6)      Romanian Association of Urology

7)      Romanian Association for Health Promotion

8)      Romanian Association for the Study of Liver

9)      Romanian Society of Rheumatology

10)  Romanian Society of Pneumology –

11)  Romanian Society of Social Pediatrics

12)  Romanian Society of Ophthalmology

13)  Romanian Society of Hematology

14)  Romanian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics

15)  Romanian Society of Gastroenterology

16)  Romanian Society of Cancer

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