Non-Governmental Organisations in the Region


Non-governmental organisations are specific form of organising of citizens. This term has been widely used in the last two decades, and besides the term ‘’non-governmental organisation’’, a term –citizens’ association” is also used. What matters is that freedom of speech and freedom of association are important elements in democratic societies which allow the citizens to associate and to express different interests which are not obligatorily attractive to everyone.

Non-governmental organisations are established in order to perform the activities which would satisfy a public need or a community need, or a common interest of the members, but not private interests such as profit. Organisation implies a team of people led by the same vision, mission and goals. The NGO mission is what it does in order to satisfy an identified need and, as a rule, it is connected with a series of basic, deeply rooted values.

There is a large number of registered non-governmental organisations in the region of Southeast Europe. There are more than 20000 registered citizens’ associations in Serbia; in Croatia, according to the Registry of Associations of the Republic of Croatia, there are more than 42000 associations; in Montenegro this amounts to 4000 registered NGOs; in Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 6500; in Slovenia, around 22500; in Macedonia, around 6000; in Bulgaria, around 8000, and in Romania has reached number of 62000 organizations.

The following is the list of some Non-Governmental Organisations in the region of Southeast Europe, by countries.


American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia
Anti-Trafficking Centre – ATC
Belgrade Centre for Human Rights
Centre for Educational Policy
Centre for Regionalism
Centre for Promotion of Legal Studies
Centre for Free Elections and Democracy
Judges’ Association of Serbia
European Movement in Serbia
Micro Development Fund
Citizens’ Initiatives
Group ‘’Let’s…’’
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
European Integration Office
Humanitarian Organisation ‘’Nasa Srbija’’
Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre
OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Mission to Serbia
Resource Centre Bor
Council of Europe
Transparency Serbia
United Nations Development Programme in Serbia
United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
Initiative for Inclusion VelikiMali

Association for Organic-Biological Agriculture
Centre for Peace Studies
Centre for Education, Counselling and Research
Documenta – Centre for Facing the Past
Citizens’ Association GONG
Citizens’ Committee for Human Rights
Croatian Helsinki Committee
Croatian Youth Network
OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Mission to Croatia
Transparency International Croatia
Citizens’ Association CROATIA AGAINST DRUGS
Association LET
Association ZAMISLI
Women’s Association Vukovar
United Nations Development Programme in Croatia
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund in Croatia
Green Action

Citizens’ Association Accept
Advocacy Academy
Assistance Center for NGO’s
Association for the Protection and Promotion of Freedom of Expression
Center for Independent Journalism
Center for Legal Resources
Civic Alliance
Civil Society Development Society
Federation of educational comunities – FICE Romania
Freedom House Romania
Institute for Public Policies
Media Monitoring Agency
Pro Democracy Association (APD)
Pro Europa League
Resource Center for Democracy of APD
Resource Centers for the Free Access to Public Interest Information
Roma Center for Social Intervention and Studies – Romani C.R.I.S.S.
Romanian Academic Society
Romanian Association for Transparency
Soros Foundation – Romania

AAA – Action against AIDS
Human Rights Bureau
Information Portal of Brcko
Centre for Modern Initiatives
Centre for Sustainable Environmental Development
Centre for Free Access to Information
Environment Centre
Centres for Civil Initiatives
Demokratski centar “Nove nade” / Democratic Centre ‘’New Hopes’’
Association for Animal Protection NOA
Helsinki Citizen’s Parliament
Our Kids Charity
Partner Charity
OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Mission to B&H
Youth Group of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Srpska
Youth Centre ‘’Vermont”
Youth Communication Centre
Youth Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina
A.C. ‘’Tolerance against Diversity’’
United Women
United Nations Development Programme in B&H
Vaša prava Bosne i Hercegovine / Your Rights Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amnesty International Slovenia
Association European Students’ Forum AEGEE – Ljubljana
Association for Promotion of Equality and Plurality Vita Activa
CNVOS – Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs
Cultural artistic Initiative Maribor
Focus Association for Sustainable Development
Institute for Electronic Participation – InePA
Institution PIP
Legal-Information Centre for NGOs Slovenia – LIC
National Youth Council of Slovenia (MSS)
PORTA B – Institute for Development and promotion of culture, heritage and tourism
Slovenian Association for Bat Research and Conservation/
Slovenian E-forum – Society for Energy Economics & Environment
Slovenian Third Age University
Society for Human Rights and Supportive Action HUMANITAS
The Peace Institute
VITRA Centre for Sustainable Development
Women’s Counselling Service
YHD – Society for the theory and culture of handicap

AEGEE- European Student Organization
Arka – forum for the rights of the Roma population of Macedonia
Center for Civic Initiative
Civic World – building a society for all of its citizens
Humanitarna organizacija „El Hilal“ / Humanitarian Organisation „El Hilal”
Macedonian Center for International Cooperation
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
Citizens’ Association Mesecina
MHCHR – Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights
Citizens’ Association Milosrdie
MOF – Macedonian Forum on Education
Music Information Centre for Youth
Union of Women Organizations in Macedonia

Agency for Social Analysis
ACCESS Association
Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA)
Bulgarian Cluster for ICT
CEED Bulgaria
Centre for the Study of Democracy
Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Centre
European Institute
Innovation Relay Centre
Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria
National Association of Bulgarian Road Carriers
The Bulgarian Industrial Association
UNHCR Regional Representation For Central Europe

ALPHA Centre
Centre for Democracy and Human Rights
Centre for Civic Education
Monitoring Centre – CEMI
Non-Governmental Organisations Development Centre
European Movement in Montenegro
Foundation Open Society Institute
Roma Scholarship Foundation
Liberal Alliance of Montenegro
NGO Green Home
Youth Cultural Centre-Juventas
OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Mission to Montenegro
Movement for Changes
Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro
United Nations Development Programme in Montenegro
UNICEF Podgorica


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