Microsoft Sinergija mostly created by the renowned lecturers, partners, participants and students, who all contribute to the growing quality of this conference each year, gathering ever greater number of people and ideas.

Microsoft values creative thinking, and that is why they enlarged this year the coordinated Microsoft organizational team with young and talented students, who induced freshness into the very core of the conference by their creative and exceptional ideas.
Sinergija 1Microsoft Sinergija is traditionally dedicated to gathering and constant enlargement of the IT community in the country and the surrounding region.

As a conference with its tradition lasting for more than ten years, the Sinergija grew into the biggest and most influential IT event in the southeast Europe, representing the center of world modern technologies and developments.

A recognizable symbol of the conference became the idea of unifying the knowledge with innovation and experience in the field of information-communication technologies and their application in business dealings.

Sinergija is aimed at facilitating fast business-technological advancement and to the continual development of Serbia and the region, achieving it through integration of the IT community, made up of the renowned lecturers, distinguished partners, IT enthusiasts, representing the basis for quality of the conference.

Sinergija 11 this year appears under the slogan New energy“, which shows Sinergija 2symbolically the global trend of Cloud Computing, i.e. „computing in the clouds“, which changes fundamentally the way we view further developments in information-communication technologies, and as such it also represents the central topic of this year’s conference. The Sinergija 11 will be held from 18th to 20th October at Sava Centre in Belgrade.

Mr Tomislav Trajkovski, director of conference Sinergija 11, emphasized that the importance of Sinergija is not reflected only in integrating knowledge and experience in the IT field, but also their application in business operations, and in constant following and representation of the latest solutions from all over the world.

“During the Conference the Sinergija participants are acquainted with the Microsoft vision regarding the course the technology will take in its future development, as well as with the ways in which we contribute to progress of certain most important trends that will reach us in Europe, i.e. in Serbia”, Mr Trajkovski said.

We used this opportunity to ask Mr Trajkovski several questions related to the event itself:

Sinergija 31. As the topic of the Sinergija 11 is related to cloud computing, can you tell us what are your expectations regarding development of the trend here in this country?

Microsoft Sinergija marked last year with its jubilee the beginning of a new global wave in the IT industry, the Cloud Computing, which is, due to its virtualization, undergoing an impetuous expansion, thus bringing to us a new energy which is reflected positively onto our business operations.

This concept, in the context of business operations, is mostly reflected in the ability of a company to realize greater flexibility of its infrastructure, minimizing expenses and improving control over them, so that this model of operations is largely accepted around the world, and ever more so with us, too.

Sinergija 11 continues to contribute to the development of this trend here in the country, and that is why the contents of the conference are dedicated to this very topic. Participants at the Sinergija 11 may expect quality contents on the topic of Cloud Computing, which may help them in improving their business operations.

2. In your role of the Sinergija 11 conference manager, what does it mean to you to be the leader of such a big event, and what aspect of the conference organization is the greatest challenge?

To be the manager of the largest conference in the southeast Europe is most of all an honour. The Sinergija is visited by several thousand participants each year who in a series of daily lectures contribute to the development of trends in the sphere of information-communication technologies and who take direct part in shaping the IT image in this region.

Therefore, this positionSinergija 4 implies certain amount of responsibility, reflected for the most part in providing quality contents which will meet the expectations of our visitors, on the one hand, and at the same time it concerns the organization of the conference which is expected, according to all relevant standards, to surpass all previous Sinergija conferences.

This is the very challenge facing the whole Sinergija organization team. As you know, the Sinergija is mostly created by our renowned lecturers, partners, participants and students, who make this conference better and better each year, gathering a growing number of people and ideas.

Microsoft values creative thinking, which is why they enlarged this year the coordinated Microsoft organizational team with young and talented students, who induced freshness into the very core of the conference by their creative and exceptional ideas.

3. You mentioned the coordinated Microsoft team, and also the students as an essential element of the overall organization, so can you tell us how many people are involved in the team organizing the Sinergija, and did you engage any external event agency beside the stated ones?

The team organizing the Sinergija includes 50 people, and the organization is also supported by an external agency.


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