Lustica Bay – The new tourist complex in Tivat

Lustica Bay
Lustica Bay

Lustica Bay is the new tourist complex to be opened in Tivat in the summer 2015. Lustica Bay is a 1.1 billion euro worth project, encompassing the area of 690 hectares.

The complex will have two marinas, seven hotels, luxury boat villas, ca. 1,000 apartments, and 500 local houses, as well as the golf course.

Complex residents will be able to enjoy the view of the Adriatic Sea, the mountains of Montenegro and the Tivat Bay.
The first of the seven hotels, named the Promenade, is going to be built by the end of 2015.

The first resident of the Lustica Bay complex moved in in April 2015, and investors plan to hand over the keys to the rest of the lodgers in the next two months.


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