Ice Breaking Team Building Games

Ice breaking games
Ice breaking games

Not all adults become interested in playing team building games. It is important that explained in advance how the practice would help them when motivating adults to participate in team building activities or games.

Team Building Games For Adults have to be innovative and result oriented. A well-thought activities designed to add values will allow adults to have better understanding, co-operation and respect each others to achieve the goal.


Every member give a set of personal questions e.g, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc., write the answer of their own and make a guess for each member. Then the team leader reads each set of answers.

The others should be able to identify the person based on the answers. The winner is, of course, the person who gets the mystery man or woman right. This game offers more understanding between team members.


Each member has been provided a piece of paper to write or draw his/her fear. Then another participant read out the fear and describe how it feels to live with that fear. This is a wonderful activity that teaches kindliness and understanding to team members.

When each one knows others’ fears personally, the team becomes more understanding, supportive, and sensitively strong.


Participants are asked to study the composition of the group quietly and to decide on a superlative adjective that describes themselves in reference to the others (youngest, tallest, most uptight, etc.). Then they tell their adjectives, explain and, if it possible, test their accuracy.


Participants pick a year or a month before the meeting and then give each person a chance to tell what they were doing on that date (January ‘11, Summer ’10, etc).


Players should be paired up. All players divide into two lines (facing in) side by side, with partners facing each other. Participants should be given approximately 30 seconds to look at their partners, taking in all details about the individual.

The leader then instructs the two lines to turn and face away from the center. One or both lines has 15-20 seconds to change something about their appearance (i.e. change a watch to different wrist, unbutton a button, remove a belt, etc.).

The change must be discrete, but visible to the partner. The players again turn in to face each other and have 30 seconds to discover the physical changes that have been made. Players get to interact with each other and have fun!


Before the activity begins, the leader will cut up a few pictures into puzzle pieces. Each group member will grab a piece of a puzzle from a bag. The group members will keep their puzzle piece to themselves until the leader says, “GO!” At this point, the group members will try to locate the other members of the group with the pieces to form the appropriate pictures. Whichever group does it first, wins!

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