never stop learning
never stop learning

Keep educating yourselfWe live in the time of digitalization and globalization. Everything, or almost everything can be found on the internet nowadays; via the mobile phone or the computer, we can read the news, pay for the parking, we can “spend the time together“ through the social networks, we can purchase, share and access various contents, we can comment, criticize, praise; we have the possibility, although it is gradually becoming the necessity, to get informed about the current events from the most diverse fields of life. Whatever cannot be found on the web has neither happened nor does it exist. The technology is developing very rapidly, and it has become, whether we like it or not, the integral part of our everyday lives.

All above mentioned results in the rapid share of information, and consequently, in the increase of scope and width of knowledge that we need to have in order to follow the trends, changes and events, and in order to stay in the course of events and to be competitive.

The process of production, the system of services, the know-how, the Adult Online Educationstrategy of sales, the medical approach and treatment methods, absolutely everything that might have been current and innovative some time ago, has now, perhaps, already become out of date.

The success of the company is constructed by its employees. We have already heard that. On the other hand, working people can only be successful if they meet changes, as different to those that avoid changes or refuse to see them. “Out of date” is a description that could have been tolerated 10 or more years ago, but which is nowadays impermissible and equal to the statement “I do not exist”.

Successful companies invest into knowledge and motivation of their employees, just like such employees, in order to become successful and needed, invest their time and efforts into expansion of their knowledge and personal development. Trainings, practical classes, and seminars are the integral part of their job.

Never stop learning“There is always something new to learn. The day you stop learning is the day you stop living. We should all pick up new skills, ideas, viewpoints and ways of working every day.” Richard Branson

The market is full of labour force with similar qualifications. Average people work within the patterns and within the established procedures. The difference is made by those that use their knowledge, abilities and information on their disposal to suggest the changes, new activities and who influence the improvement of the system they belong to.


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Miona Milic
More than 10 years in events industry, as a project manager, content developer, offline and internet marketing campaigns, event manager for SEEbtm party, Editor-in-Chief of SEEbtm magazine… Professionalism, constant learning and personal, such as business upgrading, finds essential for success. Creativity in all fields is very important to her. Love to be physically active, travel, meet people and have a good time. But, beside everything, the greatest accomplishment and most important thing for her is being a MOM.


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