When organizing an event, what we would certainly like is to make a good impression
on the participants. We want to awaken interest, impress or surprise, to provoke emotions. How to achieve that? First of all, which factor most affects making a good impression when we attend the event? What is most appreciated? This was the question we asked professionals in the event industry in the region. There answers are presented below.

First of all, making a good impression of an event depends on many factors, some of those changeable, some of those not. One cannot, for example, influence a lot the mood that the participants took with themselves or how they feel. If someone went to the event in a bad mood, irritated or with a headache, it is likely that the event will not make a fantastic impression. If someone went to the event in a good mood, just heard the good news, or is happy because of some success, the entire event will probably be experienced in a different
way. The way we feel, at no doubt, affects the way we receive information, and the way we perceive those. I believe that at least half of the participants of an event do not notice
all the positive details dedicated to them.

I am thinking, for example, of personalized seats or personalized messages, guidance, their treatment, design details and some additional activities designed and tailored just for them and the like. On the other hand, I know that at least half of the participants at the event can be very strict if they notice at least one thing, a really little thing, that at a given moment
is not at their will, or indeed is not proper, which may mark all his (her) perception of the event. That will make everything else that is good fall into the water.

The point is that it is not easy at all to thrill attendees and get a high score for the organization of the event. However, there are certain things that undoubtedly affect the
good impression at the event, and those especially need to be paid attention to during the organization thereof.

Criteria for making an impression are different for corporate events, seminars and conferences or team building. That is why we thus divided the questions we asked to the
professionals from the event industry in the region.

How to make a good impression on… a corporate event?

Event professionals agree that, when you attend a corporate event, kind hosts and their speech as well as friendly staff have the most impact on making an impression. This is a very interesting ascertainment. It indicates that the factor with the greatest influence is actually of a social character and depends, very simply, on the friendly and welcoming attitude! It is not hard to be nice, but it is often forgotten.

These criteria should be added the overall atmosphere of the event, which, according to the respondents’ opinion, greatly affects the overall impression. Music is the next important issue, followed by event design and branding, the venue itself in which the event takes place, as well as food and beverages. Afterwards, of course, it is rated the use of advanced technology at the event, but nor the location of the event should be forgotten, neither the
organizing of the supplemental entertainment activities.

Out of the offered criteria, we can say that the gift bag at least affects the impression making. Chart represents criteria highlighted by the event professionals from the least important ones to those which have the greatest influence on making an impression at the corporate event. To these criteria, event professionals added the importance of follow-up of the event schedule, with what we absolutely agree.

Make a good impression on… the conference, congress, seminar
When we talk about the informative-educational events, namely conferences, congresses, seminars and the like, the topics that were elaborated there make the utmost impression, and those are closely followed by the content and mode of delivery, as well as the speakers and lecturers. In this case, kind and friendly hosts are still important, but not as much as for the corporate events. The kind staff plays here somewhat more important role than the hosts. We can say that the coffee break and food were ranked as least important for the overall impression.

Use of advanced technology and reputation of the event, are the next most important, and also have a high score. Although on average level, the importance of venue has high ratings, has less importance than for the corporate events. The location, on the basis of the answers, is much less important than in the first case. As for the impact of the moderator and event
design, it seems that the opinion on their significance greatly differ. We shall add to these criteria, at the suggestion of those who participated in the answers, the importance of following the event schedule, technique and sound quality, but one should not forget the traffic connections to the venue.

How to make a good impression when organizing… team building?

When organizing team building, the focus, quite logically, should be on the specific team building program, agreed on by all the participants. Team building program is the one
that makes the greatest impression. It is interesting that, the following one in order of importance, with high marks, is a clear and precise organization – who, when, where, why.

All this contributes to the overall atmosphere, which is next in importance, along with social activities. Participants appreciate primarily a good team building program, but also like to, while having fun, socialize and relax, and not to have to think about anything more, namely, that everything is clear and nicely organized and explained. On the other hand, everything that comes up during the event, a good organizer should solve in the background,
so that participants do not notice it.

It is interesting, also, that additional facilities of the hotel do not play such an important role as far as those may be considered. In fact, those are at the very bottom of the scale, and under this criteria fall just food and beverage, which, judging by the results of the survey, play at least important role in the organization of team building. Also, the location was set as more important than the hotel itself.

Food and coffee breaks are shown to have the least influence on the organization of congresses, conferences and seminars, in which people come primarily for topics, speakers and manner of lecturing. But we may notice that food and beverage have a maximum impact
(though not as priorities) on corporate events. The overall atmosphere seems to have an important impact on all kinds of events, at most to the corporative, and at least to educational ones.

Using the most advanced technology is expected for conferences and seminars (which is logical, if we take into account their educational and informative character), then at corporate events, but at least the team building activities, although those are that much different in character. Also, there are greater expectations in the field of event design and branding in the corporate, than in the educational and informational events.

Whatever type of event you organize, we have left a graphic importance and influence of each of the criteria, so that you can make “fine-tune” in accordance with the target group and the specific objectives of the event.



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