Fabrika – a place of unique events

Fabrika, Beograd
Fabrika, Beograd
Mamas corner beauty and kids bar

The event venue Fabrika added a 280 square meter courtyard in June, with the same kind of industrial design concept and inspiration, special lights, a big bar, and a secluded garden atmosphere.

June was an eventful month in Fabrika, with a brilliant promotion of one of the most successful new international luxury brands, Seven Friday, from Switzerland. Their exclusive watch collection, inspired by industrial design, was presented through exciting photo shoot and wonderful promo party.

In cooperation with the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade, Fabrika organized several interesting events, such as the theatre play Decameron, and a series of films and presentations about Italy’s cultural heritage.

In June at Fabrika  Pharmanova celebrated 25th anniversary of the company.

Because of its unique design, Fabrika was also chosen as the venue for the new video of the famous singer Severina and the legendary actress Jelisaveta Seka Sabjliic. Several episodes of the very popular tv series “Andrija i Andjelka” were filmed in the space as well.

In the next few months Fabrika will continue its great cooperation with the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade, as well as other institutes and organizations, such as the Nansen Dialogue Center, to present a variety of lectures, films, and innovative events, while looking forward also to several fashion shows, new brand promotions, and an exclusive lifestyle festival.


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