Eventex Awards 2014 Voting is Open for Both Public and Jury Members

Eventex Awards 2013

Over 70 entries from around the world made it to the Semi-final in Eventex Awards 2014. We’re 2 weeks away from discovering the best events and event technology for 2014 from Eventex Awards.

All entries that are competing for the final stage of evaluation are available at www.eventexawards.com/2014

Entries from USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India are eligible for an Eventex Award in 11 categories (7 event and 4 event tech).

Two categories are entirely nominated and elected by public vote: People’s Choice Event and People’s Choice Event Technology.

Voting has been open since 2nd February and over 2, 000 people worldwide have voted so far on the public website www.eventexawards.com/2014 .

Leaders in People’s Choice Event so far are:

According to the public vote, leading event technologies as of now are:

  • Topi (USA)
  • Seats.io (Belgium)
  • Sli.do (Slovakia)
  • DoubleDutch (USA)
  • SwarmGaming (Germany)
  • Vodafone Red Roadshow (Turkey)
  • NowWeMove Bulgaria 2014 (Bulgaria)
  • ICCO Global Summit 2014 (India)
  • Giant Spectacular Memories of August 1914 (UK)
  • Move Week Bulgaria 2014 (Bulgaria)
  • World ATM Congress 2014 – Madrid (Spain) have event votes.

These results are just temporary, of course, as we’re mid-voting, there’s another week to go. Voting closes on 19th February.

Give your support for the projects and technologies at www.eventexawards.com/2014/nominees .

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