Underwater city in Japan

Ocean Spiral, Japan

Japan is planning to build a futuristic underwater city called Ocean Spiral by the end of 2030.

According to the project envisioned by the Japanese construction giant Shimizu, this city will accommodate at least 5,000 inhabitants.

It will have the shape of a transparent sphere, 500 m in diameter, which will be entered through a 15km long spiral construction. The daily Figaro informs us that the interior of the construction will hold apartments, shops, offices, and hotels.

The building of construction will take about five years and will cost approximately 20 billion euro but developing the technology enabling life under water will require about 15 years.

The company claims that the underwater city is a feasible project, and not a dream. The underwater city is not this company’s only futuristic project, since they plan to build a base on the Moon, hotels in space, and floating botanical gardens.


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