Device Which Turns Water Into Wine

Device which turns water into wine

Device which turns water into wineOwing to this magical machine, now, in just three days, you can make a homemade wine of water.

Namely, the miraculous machine, by means of mobile phone application, water and a bit of grapes, will make wine to your taste, in just three days.

This device, patented by sommelier Kevin Boyer and a Winery owner from California, Fillip James, will cost roughly 500 dollars. In order to make this device functioning, you will need to download the application, after which you will be able to choose the wine you desire, in order to know the concentration of grapes you need to use.

When you obtain the required ingredients, following the instructions from the application, put them all into the device and monitor the fermentation process for another three days, through the application.

Also, this wine can be added aromas to your taste thus giving it your own signature.


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