Croatia among countries, Belgrade among the cities the first in the region on the ICCA 2015 list


According to ICCA statistics report for 2015, Croatia, by the world ranking, took 41st position with 96 international congresses held, which is a slight shift compared to last year when it took 40th position, whereas Zagreb welcomed 41 international congress (64th on the list).

Slovenia is a country in which a total number of 65 international congresses were held, which ranked it on the 46th position on the list, and thus it took a higher rank when compared to previous year, when it was at the 49th position. The City of Ljubljana also took a higher rank  on the list by taking 64th position this year.

Serbia is ranked as 47th, next to Slovenia, while the city of Belgrade was on 52nd position, with a slight decrease compared to last year when it took 50th position.

Romania and Bulgaria have taken the 44th and 61st position respectively, while their capitals, Bucharest and Sofia took 55th and 132nd position, respectively.

Montenegro occupied 98th position, and Bosnia and Herzegovina 82nd.


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