Kamp Crna Gora

Nature lovers can find numerous camps all around Southeast Europe, whether it is an individual trip, travel with one’s family or for the purpose of employees’ team – building.  The best offer for camps is in Croatia and Slovenia, though all other countries also have this type of tourist accommodation to offer, enabling the interested visitors to enjoy the natural wealth which is the pride of each of those countries.


Camps in Serbia

There are 17 camps in Serbia, characterized by attractive locations but modest offer. They are usually situated along the lakes or rivers, up in the mountains and in gorges, and they can be of interest to anglers, hikers and recreational activities. Some also offer tennis, basketball and volleyball courts or sometimes small football fields, with accommodation facilities in vicinity.

Kamp Tiski cvetThe Tiski cvet camp is near Kanjiža health spa on the banks of the river Tisa, with accommodation capacity of 50 estate cars and 100 tent spots. There is a variety of catering – tourist services at disposal: an open swimming pool, volleyball, handball and basketball courts, five – men football field, table tennis. The camp has its own beach with pontoons for mooring boats, and a children’s playground. The Nature Reservation Selevenjska pustara in its neighbourhood, the tourist appeal of Subotica and Palić, and the nearby stud farm in Zobnatica, complete the tourist offering of the camp.

The „Dunav” camp is in Zemun, on the very bank of the Danube, 10 km Kamp Dunavfrom Belgrade. It stretches over the surface of 1ha, categorised with two stars. It is ranked among smaller camps, characterised by its beautiful location with an overview of the Danube and Belgrade. Proximity of Belgrade is particularly advantageous to this camp. It has 7 double – bed bungalows, 3 two – bed and 3 three – bed rooms with bathrooms, in an apartment facility. There is a restaurant within the camp with 40 seats, open to visitors all year round.

Beside these two camps, we should also mention the „Bela Crkva” camp with 7 lakes, the capacity of which is 100 camping units, the „Srebrno jezero” camp near Veliko Gradište, which is one of the oldest and biggest camps in Serbia, with 500 places for camp trailers and 150 places for tents, the „Jabukov cvet“ camp near Banatski Brestovac on the Danube, the „Toma“ camp within the „Đerdap“ National Park on the road to Donji Milanovac, the „Budžak“ camp, 6 km away from Apatin, near the Nature Reservation „Gornje Podunavlje“, and also the „Pipač“ camp, along the old Subotica – Novi Sad road, near Feketić, with 50 spots for tents and 15 for estate cars.


Camps in Croatia

Beside hotel accommodation, camps are among the most favoured places to stay. There are about 230 camps along the Adriatic coast. Around 60 of those are among the largest camping areas on the coast.

Kamp Zelena LagunaZelena Laguna camp*** – Motor camp Zelena Laguna in Poreč, with numerous lots shaded by trees, offers ideal conditions for wanted privacy and a sojourn surrounded with family and friends. The pleasure begins on a nicely kept beach, with a separated portion for naturists, and the clear blue sea, as confirmed for a number of years by the international prize Blue Banner. An additional asset of the camp is its accommodation within the excellently equipped tourist settlement of the same name. Thanks to this fact, there are sports centres at hand, catering facilities, a discotheque and a shopping section.

Kanegra FKK **** – The beach with no end… The awarded naturistKamp Kanegra FKK camp Kanegra is on the bank of one of the most beautiful bays in Istra, abundant with unforgettable gravel and rock lagoons and a beach. The Kanegra camp is an ideal place for an unforgettable repose in Umag. The Kanegra camp is 10 km away from the centre of Umag, at close proximity to sea. It includes 193 camp units as part of luxury lots. Within the camp one can find a rich offer of restaurateur services. One finds a – la carte restaurants, a pizzeria, cocktail and coffee bars, Internet corner, and other amenities, all adapted to physically challenged persons.

Some other camps in Croatia are: „Njivice” camp with two stars, located directly along the sea shore, in a quiet cove, an oasis of greenery and peace, and still adjacent to the town centre. The camp is in the midst of an oak forest offering cool shade to tourists in sweltering weather. Motor camp Trstenica and apartments / rooms Kata are situated next to the main beach Trstenica in Orebić, covered by the shade of old pines. Not far from the apartments and the motor camp there is a restaurant and a kindergarten, with several shops nearby. Then there is the camp Park Soline, one of the best parks in Croatia. Within the camp the guests have at their disposal well kept rest rooms, washing and drying machines, an exchange bureau, internet café and a supermarket. The camp is the winner of the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Quality Award presented by the Camping Society of Croatia.

Camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Many people will head for one among many beautiful destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you opt for a stay in nature, at a place near a lake, a river or a mountain, and if you are one for the adventure, then our recommendation can be one of the camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Kamp BiHTourist settlement „Ada” is situated on a river isle 3 kilometres downstream from Ustikolina. Cosy natural surroundings with wooden huts (log – cabins) designed in a contemporary style. Access to the camp is by a well kept macadam road or by raft. The tourist settlement „Ada” is open to visitors from May 1 to October 31. Beside resting in nature, one can also pass time at sports courts, enjoy rafting, hunting or fishing. There is a children’s playground within the camp, and several cultural – historic monuments from the Roman era.

„Tara – Raft “ camp – the rafting club camp „Tara – raft “ is located 5 kilometres downstream from the Drina head, in vicinity of the river Sutjeska Rafting BiHconfluence with the Drina at Bastasi. The central part of the camp is the wooden building housing a buffet, kitchen, restaurant, and a terrace with bonfire hearth. Tourist attractions in the region are: rafting along the Tara river canyon, mountaineering, jaunt to Zelengora mountain, river and lake fishing, the National Park Sutjeska on Tjentište, the virgin forest Perućica, the 73 m high waterfall Skakavac situated in virgin forest Perućica. There are 12 bungalows in the camp with capacity of 48 beds, 10 tents to accommodate 30 persons, WC, water sinks, shower cabins.

Beside these two camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we can also mention the Aduna camp „Orljani”, capacity of 100 camping units for 300 persons. The camp is located adjacent to the Park Hotel and restaurant Sunce. The tourist centre „Balkana” is on the shore of the Balkana lake at the foot of Lisina mountain, 1.650 metres above the sea level. It is 4 away from Mrkonjić grad. There is also the „Bjeli” camp and many others. The open season for visitors in all those camps is from April 1 to October 31.



Camps in Montenegro

Montenegro is a very interesting tourist destination. It is the country with the northernmost bay originating from the ice age – the Boka Kotorska bay, the clearest river in Europe – Tara, the largest lake in the Balkans – the Skadarsko lake. And that is not all there is to it. If you like camping there are several options.

In case you prefer peace and quiet, suggest could be Žanjice. If you like big crowds, then the proposal would be Jaz at the height of summer. Beside these two spots, another option for students and larger groups is Radovići, a small picturesque place in the cove of Tivat, only 800 m away from the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic – the Blue Horizons. There in the old olive orchard is the Motor camp Akademac. The resting facility was created in 1990 for the Belgrade University students, but also for all those who love to spend summer holidays in a special way, with no landlords or landladies around, with lots of friends to keep company and relax with. It has more than 50 camp cabins, a buffet with a large thatch – roofed terrace, decent and Kamp Crna Goraequipped rest rooms. In close vicinity, some hundred yards away from the camp, one can find well assorted shops, a green market, out – patient clinic, the post office, several restaurants, a pastry shop, and discos in Krašići. There are good bus lines connecting nearby places.

If you chose to spend holiday with your family, one suggestion could be the Motor camp „Oliva”. It is situated on the sea shore, surrounded with a beautiful olive grove, in the midst of one of the cleanest beaches on the Adriatic. Its capacity is 25 – 30 camping units. The shades come from the thousand-year old olive trees. There are two self-service markets near the camp, the restaurant „Utjeha”, the „Rocky Beach” where you can take a season meal ticket, an out-patient clinic, a swimming pool. It is an ideal place for married couples with children. Those are just a few opportunities for camping on the Montenegrin coast. Naturally, there are more places like those above.


Camps in Macedonia

If you find it challenging to travel across the south Europe exploring countries where nature, culture and people are united, then the right choice would be the country of beautiful lakes – Republic of Macedonia.

Camp AS is in the southwest region, only 4 km away from the town of poetryKamp Makedonija Struga, on the Ohridsko lake waterfront, the pearl of Balkans. This attractive location is of the first category, with capacity of 1.000 camp units. In the camp one finds the reception desk, a store, restaurant, bakery, sports courts, and a private beach. It is an ideal place for those who love this kind of holiday. The open season in the camp is from May 15 to September 15.

If you like to rest while working and have your pet by your side, then suggest can be the Camp Rino, in Kališta in Macedonia. The camp has well arranged infrastructure, access to the camp is in good condition, it has electric power, Internet, Wireless LAN, fast food stands, restaurants. Accommodation can be arranged in tents, caravans, mobile or rest homes, apartments and rooms. Here you can take pleasure in playing tennis, you can sail, surf, or perhaps relax in one of the thermal baths.

Beside these two camps, in Macedonia you can visit the camp Krani in Krani, the camp Oteševo in a place of the same name, Motor camp Livadište in Struga, the camp Ljubaništa and Motor camp Gradište in Ohrid, which is well organised, with a tennis court and other amenities, and you can also bring your pets during the season and out of it.


Camps in Slovenia

Kamp Slovenija 1Slovenia’s campsites are ideal for those who appreciate value – for – money holidays, but are capable of convincing even those who are looking for an open – air five – star hotel. Some Slovenian campsites deserve to be regarded among Europe’s finest, and can genuinely boast five stars. Most are rated between two and four stars.

Some of the campsites in Slovenia are: Camp Terme 3000, part of the Moravske Toplice natural health resort, is located at the southern edge of the Goričko Hills. It is one of the most beautiful and modern campground in Slovenia. Nearby the Otočec Castle, on the right side of the river Krka, there is a pleasant Camp Otočec, which can accomodate 160 guests. Camp is situated on the river bank and is an ideal place for fishing, boating on the river Krka or playing golf. The Otočec Camp is open from 1 April to 15 October.

Camp Lijak is situated in the village of Ozeljan in the Vipava Walley, Kamp Slovenija 2immediately below the Tnovo upland ridge. The area is famous for its paragliding and delta gliding and it is named after the Lijak creek. The mediteranian climate and temperate weather conditions facilitate all – year flying activities (also in winter time). There is a wonderful view on the Alps and Adriatic sea. Camp Lijak has 35 camping units available. It offers warm and cold running water, lavatories and showers, sinks for dishwashing, washing machine, refrigerator, electric utilities and internet connection.

Auto – camp Terme Ptuj*** – The Terme Ptuj campground is only a kilometre from Ptuj, one of Slovenia’s oldest and most beautiful medieval towns.

Campground guests get free entry to the saunas and the indoor and outdoor Thermal Park, which boasts a wide and diverse range of water attractions. The Thermal Park, with a total surface area of 4.200 square metres, has something for the young as well as for the young at heart – massages, various therapies and an organised entertainment programme.


Camps in Bulgaria

Some of the campsites in Bulgaria are: Camp Zora, 2 star camp, situated on the coast with direct access to the beach, Saint James Park and Trinity Rocs Farm, camping on a farm, Camp Varna, and many others, such as:
Camp Veliko Tarnovo – The campsite is located in the tranquil and relaxing valley of Televets, situated between two working rural villages with rich histories and strong cultural traditions. The campsite has exceptionally high – quality facilities for all types of campers. Here you can accommodate Kamp Bugarskatents, caravans, mobile homes, bikers, backpackers and 4×4 tour visitors. Over the past two years Camp Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria has been designed, developed and built to create the campsite that its owners always dreamed of.

Kamenovo Camp – is situated in the village of Kamenovo which is at the bottom of a valley. Campsite is on top of the valley looking over the village. It is very rural farming village as are the most of the Bulgarian villages.  It has a restaurant and bar with nice beer garden, 2 shops, a post office, the fabulous Wreath rocks, and many caves to explore. There are regular bus services to Razgrad and Kubrat, the two closest larger towns.


Camps in Romania

From the late Spring until early Summer nature lovers flock to Romania’s camping areas to enjoy abundance of nearby attractions and the magnificent mountains. There are 69 camping sites in Romania licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism.

Camp Vineyard – is situated in mountains, less than 20 km from a pond, less than 20 km from a natural reserve. It covers an area of ​​2 hectares. It is open to visitors from 1st April to 31st October. In the camp there is a swimming pool (free), splash pool, free hot showers, individual and shared barbecue stands, public car park, electric hook-ups, European plugs, connection to drinking water, connection for waste water, playground.

Kamp RumunijaVampire camp – located in the countryside, with direct access to the river and natural reserve. This is a five star camp.  It covers an area of ​​30 hectares. It is open to visitors from 1 April to 31 October. There are hot showers with charge, individual barbecue, private car park, electric hook-ups, European plugs, connection to drinking water, playground.

Some other camps in Romania are: Camp Eldorado, in mountains, with 5 stars, Camp Apollo, Camp Motor Tourist – 2 star camp, Camp Casa Rustica and Camp Panorama, with 3 stars, then, Camp Rauthal and Zwaluwnest, camping on a farm, Camp Lac Murighiol, La Curtea Richvini, Camp De Vuurplaats, open air camp, and many others.



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