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Bled lies on the edge of Triglav National Park, while most of its hotels are in the immediate vicinity of Lake Bled. The main arguments to decide to come to Bled include unique national environment of the lake, special venues complemented by the national and cultural heritage, as well as friendly local people with their knowledge of how to be a good host.

History worth to know

The islet in the middle of the lake was frequented as early as in prehistory. Then, a millennium ago, in 1004, the place Bled was mentioned for the very first time in the deed according to which German Emperor Henry II donated the place to Albuin, the Bishop of Brixen.
Bled gained its international reputation mostly due its sanatorium, founded by the Swiss hydropathist Arnold Rikli, who lived and worked here for more than half a century.

Sights worth to see

In the middle of the Bled lake reigns Slovenia’s only island, crowned by a 15th-century chapel, the Church of the Assumption. With its long and diverse history, however the lush greenery, the island also hides other interesting buildings, like the bell-tower, church, chaplain’s house, provost’s house, small hermitage and some mysterious legends.
High above the magical lake broods a mighty medieval castle, Bled Castle. Castle buildings are arranged around the lower and upper courtyards and can be accessed by taking the marked hiking trail or by taking the road leading to the castle walls.
The 1.6 km long Vintgar gorge carves its way through the vertical rocks of the Hom and Bort hills and is graced by the Radovna with its waterfalls, pools and rapids.
Not so far from the city center there is Triglav National Park, and Bled is an ideal point for all who wish to visit its natural beauties. Park’s specific feature is its dynamic intact nature and its richness of vegetation and numerous endangered animals.

Meetings worth to attend

Bled has been actively present on the world conference map for over 25 years, playing host to medium-sized corporate, association and governmental meetings of between 100 and 400 delegates, as well as frequent sports events. Many meetings have found their home in Bled, returning year after year.
The meetings industry certainly recognized the importance of sustainability long ago, so Bled could enable organization of green events all year round.

Incentive opportunities worth to try

Bled offers opportunities for enhancing a meeting with adventurous sport activity, a culture exploration, unforgettable sightseeing and team building programs.
Visitors to Bled will be charmed by the “pletna” boats that slowly glide across the lake or with town’s traditional flair by driving in horse-drawn carriages.
There are plenty opportunities for spending an active day. Rowing and surfing on the lake, angling, kayaking and rafting on the Alpine rivers, riding in nature and climbing the surrounding mountains, cycling and hiking, golfing, ballooning and parachute gliding… are some of them.
Don’t forget the winter. The fabulous picture of winter at Bled force visitors to walk around the icebound lake. Also, skating or bowling in the Ice Hall, cross-country skiing or night skiing in the center of town will make winter unforgettable.

Cuisine worth to taste

Bled offers the best gourmet cuisine and regional fare in a traditional inn. The town’s new generation of contemporary chefs, all have in common a deer-rooted respect for age-old recipes and fresh, local seasonal ingredients.

Delicious cream cakes are known to Bled for decades, having been baked here since 1953, when the original recipe was invented. There is no secret about making them, only experience matters, and the cooks from Bled have plenty of experience.


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