Imagine a surprise box, with a heart on top instead of a bow, which when opened provides precious inspiration by walking through the beautiful parks, perfectly linked with fountains, public squares and museums and towers and castles arising in the background. It is a city of Zagreb.

6 must visit points in Zagreb

Dolac Market

1. The starting point of any sightseeing tour of Zagreb simply must be the square Ban Josip Jelacic. On the one side it’s dominated by a statue of Ban Jelacic, while on the other you can find out how the city got its name, neither more nor less than after the fountain and the legend about a girl who came to fetch (Croatian word “zagrabi”) water from it.

A little further off, at the Dolac market, you can buy various homemade produce from the “kumice”.

Kumice are women from surrounding areas who grow their own fruit and vegetables or make homemade cheese and cream which they sell at the market place.

2.Whether it’s clear or overcast in Zagreb, you can always see the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which together with Kaptol Square you must not miss.

The cathedral was a small church at the time of its construction between the 9th and 10th century but through the ages, after many reconstruction, it was adorned by tall towers and imposing clocks of bronze and brass, weighing 8 tons.

3. To make a tour of the Upper City you have to climb up there first and what better way to do that than by cable car. This track, the shortest cable railroad in the world, running only 66 meters in length, will bring you right to the foot of the Lotrscak Tower.

In the heart of the Upper City there is a square and St. Mark’s Church whose organs you need to hear and picture of colored tiles and coats of arms on the roof you will certainly remember.

Immediately next to it stands Banski dvorovi (the court of the ban), the present-day seat of the Croatian Government.

Church St. Mark4. For art lovers, Zagreb has in its offer some fifty museums and galleries. The cities’ main museums can all be reached on foot: the Mimira Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

Here, in the midst of green parks, you will also find the Croatian National Museum, the Academy of Dramatic Arts, and Zagreb University.

5. The road away from the maddening city crowd leads to Maksimir Park. The park consists of a long walking lane, lush grassy areas, forests, avenues and ponds.

A 17 meter high viewpoint is located in the center of the park, with a lovely view of the entire park and its biggest attraction, the Zoo.

6. Is there a capital where you will find islands – as many as six of them? Yes, in Zagreb, on Lake Jarun.

This complex of interconnected lakes and neat paths and promenades is a favorite spot not only for daytime recreation but also for night life.


Hotel Westin Zagreb
The Westin Hotel Zagreb, among its 13 magnificent congress halls, has special one. The gala hall Opera, located on the 17th floor, and its elegance will take your breath away.
Ideal for special events, gala dinners and formal receptions of up to 150 delegates, this hall offers an amazing view to the entire Zagreb.                                                                                                                  ********************************************Hotel Dubrovnik Zagreb                                 In the centre of town, on the last floor of the Hotel Dubrovnik Zagreb, the President suite found its place, having a large terrace with a view to the Ban Jelacic square.
It is in the centre of the city bustle, and yet, isolated from the city noise.
Although planned as a part of the luxury apartment, the terrace can be a perfect choice for organization of small gatherings, and it is especially known as the terrace with the best view to the city.                                                                                               ********************************************DobleTree by HiltonFor classy pleasure and relaxation, on the 9th and 10th floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton Zagreb, you will find your oasis.
The World Class Fitness & Spa, in addition to the most up-to-date fitness equipment, also has the swimming pool, whirlpool and saunas.Spice it up with a view to the panorama of Zagreb and the pleasure will be guaranteed.********************************************Hotel AristosSeparate entrance, one special story and dedication, in order to make each event unique.
The Congress Centre of the Aristos Hotel is allocated from hotel, having its own lobby, reception desk and entrance.
Also, this congress centre, in its largest hall, can exhibit cars and welcome more than 350 delegates.

Hotel Antunovic Zagreb********************************************

Offer of the best cocktails, wines and cognacs, as well as cigars, can be found in the bar of Antunovic Hotel.

Vertigo Bar, with its rotating dome, is an ideal place to take out your guests, to see the entire city of Zagreb from above and to turn a round of drinks.


Hotel Esplanade ZagrebFor conferences and events attended by up to 300 participants, the Emerald Hall of the Hotel Esplanade Zagreb is a magnificent space of the elegant decoration and the supreme technical facilities and illumination.
What out stands as a unique feature in this hall is its round shape which provides ideal acoustics and natural sound background.


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