Ivan Gadže President of the Board Group and AtlasOn this occasion, we had a pleasure to talk to Mr Ivan Gadže, President of the Board Group and Atlas, who shared with us the secret of success of the company as well as the news and trends in business.

1. The introduction provides only short description of the Group and Atlas. How many things have been exposed to changes in tourism through the years?

All the members of our Group act in synergy, in realization of common objectives. Last year, Atlas celebrated 90 years of business activities. Today, we skilfully combine a long-standing tradition and an excellent knowledge about Croatia and the region, with the latest trends which we are introducing in our business. Throughout the years, the key of our success have been our employees who are building long-term and quality relationships with the clients and the guests.

What has remained constancy during the years is our quality. The customers recognize Atlas as the agency with the best ratio of price and quality, and it was awarded with the Best Buy Award certificate, which has also been proven by numerous market researches which we regularly carry out.

2. Company’s strategy has been changing during the years due to market conditions and trends. Could you point out to the current strategy of Group? What is it that the quests are asking for nowadays?

The clients of today do not primarily look for destination but the sensations, created according to their current status (families, young people, pairs, seniors), but also thematic (culture, nature, vine and gastronomy…). Further, in spite of globalization, the guests are searching for authentic adventures, which they cannot experience in their own country.

The logical way would be to additionally invest into new production approaches and strategic destinations to which we dedicate special attention. We must not forget that the clients are looking for an excellent ratio between the price and the quality. Even with the modest budget in MICE segment, what comes to be prominent is creativity and rich experience of our staff.

3. What do you think are the main advantages of Group?

Gala dinner in Revelin Fortress, Dubrovnik

The rent of accommodation capacities in Croatia which is incredibly high, adapting to global trends through implementation of the latest IT solutions, teams positioned all over Croatia and the region, significant thematic attractions all over our country… Our corporate advantages are really numerous.

As for the Atlas MICE part, along with the aforesaid, the unique advantage is certainly the support of our colleagues from the rental business on the coast, and who unselfishly help us in realization of each of our events.

4. One can say that you influence the offer and the demand of tourism in Adriatic region, mainly Croatia and Slovenia. What are your estimations for this year, in terms of number of tourists? And what in terms of business trips and MICE sector?

We expect the growth of business turnover as compared to the previous year, from almost all markets. That is the result of market investments, made into marketing and products, but also the recognisability and attractiveness of our key incoming destinations in Croatia and the region. We see higher demand for incentive programs, particularly from Scandinavia, Germany and Great Britain, and we are happy to see the slight growth in outgoing segment of business.

5. Is there any need for connections with other countries of the South-Eastern Europe, in terms of meeting industry market?

ZagrebWe are continuously working on establishment and maintenance of the long-term cooperation with the companies and the institutions from the region. Development of quality relationships with our neighbouring partners is a part of our business ethics. Another comparative advantage of our company is the fact that Group is comprised of Atlas as Adriatic host, and Kompas as Adriatic ambassador, and as the newest brand of the group.

The offices of Kompas can be found all over Europe, but also the region, which enables us to be present at the key markets and make the promotion easer. Also, the logistic support of our offices in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy, is a precious advantage against the competitors.

6. What are your plans for the future business?

We will continue to develop the offer at the destinations and to invest into the best technological solutions. With already known MICE destinations, our sales and marketing activities will be directed towards continuous raise of awareness of our partners about other destinations with quality MICE potentials. In short, we will be the best host for our guests, and a quality and a reliable partner for our clients.


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