A 900 dollar cupcake

A 900 dollar cupcake

A 900 dollar cupcake was made under special order in the La Dolce pastry shop in Toronto.

The cupcake is not large but the ingredients used by the chefs are extravagant in price.

These include sea salt from France, chocolate from France and Italy, vanilla from Tahiti, coffee from Jamaica, diamond dust, and 24-carat gold flakes.

The cake is placed in a handmade chocolate cup, decorated with edible pearls and gold flakes.

An edible decoration in the form of a branch is gold in color, with a fondant flower and sugar diamonds.

The cupcake is served with a phial containing Courvoisier cognac, which is poured over the cake just before eating.

Before this one, the most expensive cupcake was made in Las Vegas and it cost 750 dollars.


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