3rd Balkan Spa Summit, Arandjelovac, Serbia


At the previous two summits, held in Bulgaria and Turkey, we have seen the creation of a common story of the medical spas of the Balkans. Expert committees on standardization and education, clusterisation, marketing and communications as well as the committee for hydrogeology have been established. The teaching program of the Balkan Spa Academy is currently in preparation along with the criteria for the Balkan Spa Award. It is rare to encounter examples of enthusiasm which yields such serious, applicable and sustainable results.

All member countries have been collecting ethnic components of the Balkan countries (tradition, culture, gastronomy, music, customs and testimonies of a stormy history), making their profiles and putting them to use with the aim to define, create and promote new tourist product in Europe – Balkan Spas.

HOTEL IZVOR - bazen panorama

The goals is to make an authentic and intriguing package of all contents accompanying high quality relaxation, prevention and rehabilitation programs provided at the Balkan spas and thus show the world their singular qualities.

Hotel ”Izvor” has many times received the reward for the best hotel in Serbia, and already has great experience in organising this kind of gatherings. This time however, the hotel, working in cooperation with the Medical Spa Association, needs to show that though a small country, Serbia has a big heart burning with tradition and culture of the good old times, capable of enveloping the entire Balkans!

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