Interslast 2014, Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia


Date: 1st – 2nd October 2014

Venue: Hotel Well, Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia



Brief description:

Interslast – European congress of confectionery industry will be held in period from 1st to 2nd October 2014 at Hotel Well in Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia.

Interslast is undoubtedly a very significant event in the regional confectionery that will intensify vocational education and information confectionery industry.

The Congress will bring together 150 confectioners (artisans, confectionery school, hotel confectionery chefs, confectioners who work in companies and other…).

After the expert-competitive part, participant but and guests will taste cake, biscuit, slice of cake that will remain after the event. The host will provide high-quality speakers from several European countries. Especially interesting will be confectionery cup Interslast Cup – competition of  30 junior and senior confectionery team that will compete on a given topic.




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