“Leading teams” Seminar


Date: 6th June 2014

Venue: Belgrade, Serbia

Web: www.mate-bg.com

Brief description:

Leading Teams seminar will be held in Belgrade, Serbia on 6th June 2014. It will be a hands-on, experiential skill-building workshop for project team interac­tion and team-building processes. The theory base for this workshop will include:

• Bruce Tuckman’s stages of group dynamics

• Patrick Lencioni’s five dysfunctions of a team

• Jon Katzenbach & Douglas Smith’s wisdom of teams.

Participants will be placed into teams of 4-5 members each where they will be involved in a num­ber of highly interactive team activities of forming, storming, norming and performing as teams. Emphasis will be placed on facilitation, decision-making and other communication skills. Specifi­cally, team members will practice the following leadership skills:

• summary and reflective statements

• open and closed-ended questions

• pauses and deflects

• process checks

• neutral statements and brief assertions

• benefit and consequence probes

• handling flat assertions.

Participants will receive coaching and assistance on group dynamics, proper structuring of team meetings and effective ways of facilitating multi-functional work groups. They will practice two techniques for making better team decisions: consensus and nominal group technique. In large group interaction, participants will be challenged as they learn about basic team dynamics, identify major take-aways and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the two decision-making methods.


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