This Restaurant Requires You to Pay the Bill in Advance


The Clove Club is going to become the first UK restaurant to introduce bill payment at the time of making reservations.

The restaurant decided to take this step in order to protect itself from losing money in the event that guests fail to show up or cancel their reservations too late.

As of June 2015, anyone who wants to enjoy the delicious food prepared by the restaurant’s Michelin starred chef will have to make an advance payment of 65 dollars per person.

During dinner, guests will be able to order wine and pay for it later on, but if they fail to show up, the money that they paid in advance
will not be refunded.

According to chef Isaac McHale, guests will also feel benefits thanks to the new system. For example, those who wish to have early dinner will receive discounts on the bill. This payment system was developed by Nick Kokonas, a Chicago restaurateur, who explained that this is a way to reduce the number of guests who fail to show up or cancel their reservations.


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